21 Insanely Creative Ways to Reveal Baby's Gender

Judy Dutton | Mar 26, 2015 Pregnancy
21 Insanely Creative Ways to Reveal Baby's Gender

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Next to announcing "I'm pregnant!", revealing if it's a boy or girl is big news ... so why not find a creative way to share it? Whether  looking for a climactic end to a gender reveal party or just a clever photo or message to fill people in, there are plenty of ways to broadcast a baby's sex that will make this moment all the more memorable. And take it from us here: This is a moment that should be memorable. Don't worry -- we've got you covered...

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We all know the couples who go a little extra on their special events. The big wedding, the perfect engagement photos, the Facebook albums perfectly labeled from their trip to Hawaii. Well, it's time to give them a run for their money using some amazing ideas for gender reveals. Just think of it this way: perfectly planned and executed gender reveals = amazing photo op = Instagram gold! 

And these ideas can show us how. Using the old "blue" for boy and "pink" for girl code, couples can reveal a baby's gender with everything from fireworks to bubble gum, scratch 'n' sniff cards to confetti. And that's just the beginning. Once the gender reveal brainstorming has begun, who knows what other fun and creative ideas might be thought of? 

Just check out these creative ideas to get the gears turning with some fun possibilities.

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