12 Extraordinary Images That Capture the Moment Moms Met Their New Babies

Judy Dutton | Mar 25, 2015 Pregnancy
12 Extraordinary Images That Capture the Moment Moms Met Their New Babies

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Few moments in life are as powerful as that when a mom lays eyes on her child for the first time. And some moms are lucky enough to have a birth photographer there to capture that exquisite second when she meets her newborn child.

The emotions these photographers capture range from joy to relief, laughter to rapture. Let these pics serve as a solid reminder that keeping a camera camera cocked and ready during the chaos of childbirth is well worth the effort if you want a photo you'll cherish forever.

Can you believe how long the mom in photo number eight waited to meet her baby?


Image via Jennifer Mason Photography

  • Rapture


    Image via family as art

    "This was the first birth I've ever photographed and this moment changed me forever," says photographer Diana Moschitz. "As mom was handed her precious daughter out of the water, the utter rapture she felt was palpable."

  • Happy Day


    "This was the very first birth I ever shot," says photographer Jessica Mielke. "It was a beautiful, calm birth at a birth center. Baby Weston was born in the water; mom, dad, their midwife and doula were all in attendance. It was a very magical birth for me."

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  • Caught in the Nick of Time


    Allison McCafferty, a birth photographer in South Jersey, almost didn't catch this birth because it happened so fast: "I ran into the delivery room camera in hand the MOMENT Arden was born," she recalls. "This was the first picture I took, and it was all the Mother Jamie wanted, so I was so happy I was able to capture it for her."


  • It's a What?!


    Image via Cradled Creations

    Photographer Jaydene Freund loves the element of surprise in this photo she caught: "She looked down and realized she had a BOY -- after having two beautiful girls -- and she threw her head back and yelped for joy." 

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  • Laughing All The Way


    "This little guy was born into water at our local birth center, and mama laughed her baby out!" says birth photographer Jennifer Mason. "Once Laurel got into the birth tub, she smiled and laughed as we all chatted; it was a remarkable birth to be a part of. When baby came out, we all had a chance to watch him emerge from his mother, into the water, before she pulled him to her chest."


  • Crying for Joy


    Photographer Kimberly Hammond loves this photo she took of first-time mom Kaley: "After laboring for over 36 hours in the hospital, she finally met her surprise baby boy," Hammond says. "There was not a dry eye in the room when he was finally earthside."

  • Best Surprise Ever


    "This is a first-time mom who had a home birth," says birth photographer Amanda Ditzel. "After a very long labor, that moment when she met her baby for the first time is so powerful. A week after his birth, the dad was reflecting on this photograph and it made him tear up. He was so touched and moved to have an image that captured so much emotion."

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  • Well Worth the Wait


    "After 10 years of trying to have a baby, this is the moment she had dreamed of: finally holding her sweet baby boy in her arms," says Morgan Lang, a Kansas City birth photographer. "Knowing they waited so long to become parents and being able to capture this sweet moment was one of my best times as a birth photographer."

  • Mother Father Bonding


    Image via Baby Bliss Studio

    "Right after this baby was born, they rushed him over to the warmer to give him some extra help," says birth photographer Jennifer Watkins. "When he finally was placed on her chest, both the mother and father shared a moment. You can see the tear as it falls on her face."

  • Dad's Away But Mom is Okay


    "I really loved this birth," says birth photographer Hilary Mercer. "It was the first where the dad wasn't home. He was deployed to Afghanistan and while he wasnt there, the miracle of technology made it possible for him to hear his baby girl's first cry. Mom was so amazing throughout the whole thing! Being a military spouse myself, I can't imagine giving birth without my husband present. I know sometimes military spouses have to, but I don't know how they do it!"

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  • Delivery By Dad


    "In this photo, dad is a medical student doing his OB round, and was able to deliver his daughter," says birth photographer Chyanne Macaluso. "I'm so glad I got to capture the first look shared between the father, mother, and baby."


  • Hug It Out


    Image via Le'Mae Photography

    "I love this photo because of the way baby is reaching up to give his mom his first hug," says birth photographer Jessica Heksem.



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