Bartender Refuses to Serve Pregnant Woman a Glass of Wine So She Calls​ a Press​ Conference

pregnant woman with wineWhile it can certainly be a challenge to celebrate a special occasion, like a wedding anniversary, without a glass of champagne, if you're pregnant, you might feel it's the prudent thing to do. Still, opinions vary greatly when it comes to imbibing while expecting. One very pregnant mom in Auckland, Nichola Hayes, is upset because she was recently refused an alcoholic beverage by a bartender "for health reasons."


This is definitely a tough call. Heck, even doctors are divided on this issue. While some recommend that you completely avoid alcohol when you’re expecting, others suggest that an occasional light drink most likely won't harm your baby. 

And we can't help but feel for the bartender here.

Although Hayes says she's an "educated woman" who's been "so careful" throughout her pregnancy and only wanted to "one glass of bubbles," the bartender has no way of knowing if that's the truth. For all he knew, she could've been tippling at home before heading out to dinner with her hubby. Or, she could be going to another bar and telling that bartender the same story. 

What if a pregnant woman does end up seeming tipsy at her table? You can bet other guests are going to have plenty to say about it and, ultimately, point their fingers at the bartender who served her. 

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Even if a mother-to-be doesn't appear intoxicated, some other patrons are going to either stare, roll their eyes, or give her their opinion on drinking for two ... and again might point fingers back at the server who served up the booze.

If you're pregnant and want bit of bubbly and believe it wouldn't harm her baby, it seems like the best place to do it is in the privacy of your own home, where you aren't putting a bartender in a possibly uncomfortable position. 

Do think it's OK to have an occasional drink during your pregnancy?

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