Hands-Down the Best Gender Reveal We've Seen (VIDEO)

gender reveal grandmaIt's a surprise for the whole family! When parents Kyle and Danielle Williams were expecting their second child, they were told it'd be another girl. They had the name Charlee all picked out and ready to go and arrived at the hospital for the birth. That's where the surprises began.


After 20 hours of pushing and no Charlee, doctors decided to perform an emergency c-section, Kyle writes in the following video's description.

Doctors allowed him to peak over the curtain while they pulled Charlee out and surprise to everyone, Charlee is actually a Charlie.

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That's right. The Williams' had a son. So they decided to have a little fun with everyone, including Grandma. They brought visitors into the room and slyly asked them to change the baby's diaper. That's when they saw that little "Charlee" had a little something extra hidden beneath.

Take a look at Grandma's priceless reaction:

Check and mate. That's how you successfully shock Grandma when she was least suspecting it. 

Mom and Dad were shocked when it first happened, so why not pass on the fun surprise to everyone else when its their time? Seems like a great idea. And Grandma sure did have a blast with it when she heard the exciting news.

Congratulations to the family!

Did you do a gender reveal? How'd it go?


Image via kyle williams/YouTube

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