Creepy Haunted Dolls: Guaranteed to Scare You to Death, but for a Hefty Price

creepy dolls
Roy Blumenthal/Flickr

How much would you pay for a haunted doll? No, not to get out out of your house, or to have someone perform an exorcism on it -- but actually pay to have it sitting there staring at you with creepy, vacant eyes! Did you know some people will pay good money for this? Yeah, I'm making a "Dafuq?" face too. Haunted dolls are a thing on eBay. A thing, people!


Jak Hutchcraft tells NPR that he stumbled upon the "haunted doll" section of eBay, which is located under the "Everything Else" section. There, a doll described as a "possessed little troll" sold for $1,400.

Right now I am totally thinking of this marionette doll I had in my bedroom as a child. Damn, I hated that thing. After I saw a movie called Trilogy of Terror (a precursor to Chucky), in which a doll repeatedly tries to kill Karen Black and she ends up stuffing it in the oven, I would stare at that damn doll, afraid if I closed my eyes that when I opened them, the doll would be halfway across the room.

To think I can sell that doll now and maybe make thousands!

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Does make you wonder why anyone would pay good money for a scary-looking little doll though. Hutchcraft says that some people say they want to make contact with a spirit; others just like strange looking dolls and collect them for no real reason.

There are also people who will buy pretty much anything that might be haunted -- remember the haunted laptop?

I'm thinking people probably like to prop these things up and show them off to guests in order to give them the willies and encourage them not to hang out too long. That's what I'd do.

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