6 Times a 'Prank' Pregnancy Test Is Never Funny

Whatever happened to placing a silly, innocent whoopee cushion on  someone's chair on April Fool's Day? The latest disturbing prank trend is one that many men (and women) aren't going to find very amusing: fake pregnancy tests that always give a positive reading.


Whether you choose to emerge from your bathroom holding a fake pregnancy stick that reads positive with the help of a splash of water, or want to take things one (psychotic) step further and order a prank proof of pregnancy blood test document (seriously), you're either going to give someone in your life false hope or scare the daylights out of him or her.

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For that reason, we strongly advise you to practice caution before pulling a pregnancy prank. Here are 6 times when you should consider rubber spiders and snakes instead:

1. You want him to put a ring on it. We don't have to tell you how bad an idea this is, right? Attempting to trap your boyfriend so that he proposes to you by pretending you're pregnant is the description of an episode of the Maury show, and not something that should ever happen in real life.

2. You already have five kids, but want to test your husband. You've been thinking about having another baby, but aren't sure how your husband will react. You think using a prank pregnancy test is the ideal way to gauge his reaction. A better idea: ask him instead.

3. Your last baby was born three months ago. Your newborn has just started sleeping through the night, which means there is no better time to remind your husband about the torture you've just endured. I'm kidding—this is the worst time imaginable to pull this prank.

4. Your husband really wants a baby. You've been trying to conceive for months or maybe even years and nothing has happened yet. It's possible you're feeling zen about your situation, which is wonderful, but your husband may not share your ease. And he certainly won't appreciate the false hope your fake pregnancy test provides.

5. Your parents really want to be grandparents. There's something amusing about listening to our parents wax poetic about the day they'll be able to spoil their grandchildren, but creating a future generation is serious business to them. Chances are, they will not appreciate you poking fun at them for wanting to be grandparents.

6. You are a teenager trying to freak out your parents. If you're the parent of a teen, you probably don't even want to entertain the idea that your child is making out in a parked car. A pregnant teen daughter? Har, har, har?

Would you pull a pregnancy prank on anyone?


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