Trendy Baby Names That Were Probably Typos

In 1953, America was in the grips of the "Red Scare." From Washington D.C. to Hollywood, careers and reputations could be shattered by the mere hint of communist ties. And yet this name shows up in the 1953 baby name records as given to six newborn girls:



A show of pride by communist parents? An act of defiance in the face of witch hunts? Perhaps, but I suspect the real explanation is less dramatic. Take a look at the popularity history of the name Connie:

The orange line highlights 1953, the year that the oh-so-similar Commie hit the baby name stats. One Commie for every 1,500 Connies doesn't sound so surprising. My question is, was it deliberate? Did a handful of parents decide to give the popular name a little twist...or did the national focus on "commies" make that word a likely slip-up in the records process?

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Mistakes do happen. On the path from parents' dreams to birth certificate, a name can be misheard, misspelled, misread or mistyped. It's not always easy to tell a typo apart from a creative name choice. And realistically, some mistakes are more likely than others. Try typing your own full name, but in place of the last two letters type "xz." Chances are your fingers will rebel and try to follow the more familiar groove. That same autopilot effect makes common words particularly likely to pop up as typos.

Of course, a common word may also be deliberately chosen as a name if it fits in perfectly with the baby naming sound of the times. Here are some more examples of unlikely words that hit the name charts when a similar baby name was at its peak. Creative name choices or typos? What do you think?

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What do you think? Deliberate or typos?

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