45 Cute & Clever Ways to Tell Him He's Going to Be a Dad

Jordyn Smith | May 8, 2018 Pregnancy
45 Cute & Clever Ways to Tell Him He's Going to Be a Dad

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Husbands are, arguably, the most important people to break the news of a new pregnancy to. After the mom and the doctor, they're usually the first ones to know about a new baby. That means the pressure to break the news to them the right way is pretty high. Telling a man that he's going to be a dad for the first time -- and every time after that -- is a big deal. That's why it's so important to make the reveal as cool as possible. 

Husband pregnancy reveals don't necessarily have to be as huge or extravagant as regular pregnancy announcements. It's not necessary to hire a photographer or spend a ton of money. They can definitely be more intimate, but that doesn't mean they can't be just as special or creative. It's easy to incorporate his favorite foods, sports teams, or even bring out his sentimental side. Husband reveals have the capacity to be super memorable and crazy unique. 

Realistically, there are countless ways to reveal a new pregnancy to a husband. While every idea is just as amazing as the next, we've narrowed that long list down to 40 of our favorites. This list has something for every personality, from the dads who are really into clever jokes to the ones who are a little more subtle. There's a cool reveal idea here that is perfect for any awesome, excited daddy-to-be. 

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