19 Cute & Clever Ways to Tell Him He's Going to Be a Dad

you're going to be a dad mug

Hello, being pregnant: woohoo! Time to tell the husband or partner the great news. And while announcing "I'm pregnant!" will certainly generate plenty of excitement, if a newly expecting mama wants to get creative with her delivery, there are plenty of ways to do that, too. Consider these fun ways to fill the partner in -- via the bottom of his coffee cup, a clever note, or even more surprising tactics that will make his reaction all the more memorable.


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These pregnancy reveals are the perfect start to a memorable time in life and make a sweet memory. Who wouldn't want to be able to have a great pregnancy-reveal story to tell their children?  

Being able to share in this incredible moment together deserves a little creativity and thoughtfulness. We found ideas that spread the love in easy and interesting ways. From fancy dinners, the perfect card, or even good places to surprise him with a pregnancy stick (a dry one), these ideas will help get the creative juices flowing -- and will look great in a post on Instagram.

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So take a look at these creative pregnancy reveals that we found across the Internet. They are sure to make the moment extra special for both future Mom and Dad! 

Creative Ways To Tell Him You're Pregnant


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