25 Extraordinary Greek Baby Names for Boys

In case you missed it, Greek baby names are all the rage in 2015. And we can't say we're that upset about it. Names that come from Greece are loaded with history and meaning because there's a pretty good chance they were worn at one time by some god or another.


We already gave some suggestions for our favorite Greek baby names for girls, and here's our list of our favorites for boys. There's something for everyone, whether you're more interested in classic names or unusual ones.

Adonis: In Greek mythology, Adonis was very popular and very attractive. No guarantee that your son will be, too, but we love this name for other reasons. It's strong and graceful, and Don makes an unassuming nickname.

Andrew: The Greek word andreios means "manly," and Andrew comes straight from it. We also love Anderson as a great alternative with the same roots.

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Angelo: As a name, Angelo has been consistently popular since the 1880s. It comes from the Greek word for "messenger," and is a more masculine version of Angel or Angela. 

Alexander: Translated back to it's Greek roots, Alexander means "defender of mankind." And who could forget Alexander the Great, the famous king who spread Greek culture out of the peninsula? If you're looking for something more unusual, try Alexei or Xander.

Apollo: In Greek mythology, Apollo was one of the twelve major dieties, and the god of music, poetry, truth, and healing. With such beautiful roots, we wish this historic name got a little more attention.

Atlas: Sure, it's a little unusual, but Atlas is also a gorgeous name for boys. Greek legends label Atlas as the Titan who was tasked with holding up the Earth from the sky. It's strong and smart, and we can't wait to see more little boys carry around this name.

Atticus: Of course, the first thing that comes to mind when you hear Atticus is Atticus Finch from the classic To Kill A Mockingbird. And hey -- that's not a bad forebearer either. But its Greek roots come from the historical Herodes Atticus, an important scholar and aristocrat from the 2nd Century.

Basil: The name Basil comes straight from the Greek word basileus, which literally means "king." You'll recognize the same roots in words like basilica and basilisk, but it was also a popular baby name before the mid-1900s. Great nicknames like Baz or Bas (pronounced 'BAYZ') give this traditional name a bit of a modern edge.

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Cyrus: In Greek history, Cyrus the Young was a Persian prince and general famous during the fifth century. The name itself comes from the the Greek word kyrios for "lord." Often shortened to Cy, it's a tough but elegant name for boys.

Damon: Damon comes from the Greek legend that surrounds the characters Damon and Pythias, whose friendship and trust in each other saved their lives. It's a great story and a great name -- and it's definitely more wearable than Pythias.

Dennis: Dennis (and it's nickname Denny) is a strong name that was especially popular in the mid-1900s. It comes from the Greek figure Dionysus, who was the god of wine and fertility. Not a bad namesake, if you ask us.

Demetri: Though it's more traditionally spelled Dimitri, the added e strengthens this name's connection to Demeter, the Greek goddess of agriculture and fertility.

Dorian: Historically, the Dorians were one of the four major groups that Greece was split into in the 4th and 5th centuries. The name comes from Dorus, a grandson of Zeus and the founder of the Dorians. We also love the variation Doran.

George: George is another classic name that has its roots in the Greek language. In this case, George comes from the words g� (earth) and ergein (to work).

Homer: You might recognize Homer as the dad on The Simpsons, or as the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, depending on your brand of nerd. The latter wrote two of the most important works in Greek history, so we think this name is an appropriate tribute to the culture.

Jason: Jason was a classic underdog hero of Greek mythology who deserves our attention. The name itself comes from the word for "healer," and today it is a sensible and popular name for boys.

Myles: Though many people attribute this name to French and German roots today, Myles was actually an important and ancient Greek king. His grandson became the namesake of the legendary city Sparta, but we think Myles deserves a little recognition, too. 

Myron: Though similar in sound and spelling to Myles, Myron comes for the Greek version of myrrh. It was made by the Greek sculptor Myron, who was most famous for his statue of the discus thrower.

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Nicholas: Nicholas comes from the Greek Nikolaos, which translates to "victory of the people." This name has tons of alternative spellings, but we especially love Niko for a fresh and extra Greek version of the classic name.

Orion: Orion is a gorgeous name that's been getting the attention it deserves in the last couple of years. Greek legend says that Orion was the son of Poseidon. He was tragically killed, but as a result was placed in the heavens as a constellation.

Otis: Also spelled Otus, Otis was one one the Giants, a race of strong and powerful Greek characters. The name itself is short and strong, and of course brings to mind the soulful Otis Redding.

Phoenix: Phoenix has gained quite a bit of attention as a name recently, but the mythological bird has been around in Greek culture for thousands of years. The x sound makes this name extra trendy, and we love it for little boys who do things a little bit differently.

Sandor: Game of Thrones fans will associate this with the character Sandor Clegane, but it came about as a distant cousin of Alexander, which is one of the strongest and most prolific Greek names out there. Strong and just a little off-beat, we think Sandor deserves its own attention.

Thaddeus: Meaning "courageous of heart" in Greek, Thaddeus is a commanding name that shortens to adorable nicknames like Tad and Teddy.

Timothy: Timothy comes from the Greek word time, which translates to "honor and respect." A classic name, it shortens well to nicknames like Tim, Timmy, and Timo.

What's your favorite Greek baby boy name on the list?


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