3 Biggest Nursery Design Mistakes

nursery design mistakes

I felt totally overwhelmed by the thought of designing the nursery -- there's so much to take into consideration. How it looks, sure -- you're going to be spending a lot of time in there -- but also safety and functionality.

I read an interesting piece on Babble about the 3 Biggest Nursery Design Mistakes -- they talked to an interior designer to get the tips on what not to do. Here's the abbreviated version (scan the full article for more details).


3 Biggest Nursery Design Mistakes

Don't go crazy with pastels -- you want the room to be able to grow with your baby. And consider using three colors instead of just two. That will help the room look less "baby-ish."

Don't just furnish the floor -- many parents over-crowd the nursery with furniture that sits on the floor. Consider hanging floating shelves to store toys and books.

Don't put your personal taste above baby's comfort -- think round tables (no sharp edges) instead of square. And think about floor coverings that will be soft and comfy for baby once he's sitting up and crawling.

For design strategies from moms around here, connect with Modern Moms (you'll need to join) and Design on a Dime Moms.

What about you? Any fave tips or tricks for decorating the nursery? Anything you've used or done that you love?

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