12 Terrible Ways to Congratulate a Woman on Her Pregnancy

Judy Dutton | Mar 9, 2015 Pregnancy

offensive pregnancy card

If you're pregnant, you will no doubt be showered with congratulations, some of which may arrive in the form of funny greeting cards... at least, they're "funny" from the sender's point of view. Just be warned: the things that compel your childless friends into hysterics -- the horrific pain of childbirth, the fact that they can get drunk and you can't -- may not be for the faint of heart.

Just so you're prepared for the unwise wisecracks that may be slung your way, here are a few of the more offensive pregnancy congratulations cards on the market. We hope your friends are smart enough to steer clear, or that your sense of humor is more generous than the size of your belly.

Colorful language alert on #3! How would you react if you got a card like that?


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