11 Valentine's Day Gifts for Pregnant Women (PHOTOS)

Suzee Skwiot | Feb 9, 2015 Pregnancy
11 Valentine's Day Gifts for Pregnant Women (PHOTOS)

pregnant woman valentine's day heartBetween morning sickness and the ever-growing belly, pregnancy might not seem like the sexiest thing in the world. But with Valentine's Day approaching, it's time to up the romance and remind your partner exactly how alluring and beautiful she really is.

Take a look at the slideshow below and get ready to show your love to the mom-to-be this Valentine's Day!

Valentine's Day gifts for pregnant women

#9 is such a great idea! What's the best gift you've ever received from your husband?


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  • A Tranquil Massage


    Image via Valua Vitaly/shutterstock

    Toward the last few weeks of pregnancy, nothing would feel better than a relaxing, tranquil massage. The back, the legs, the head, it's all sore. Help her de-stress by booking a special prenatal package at any accredited medical spa. She'll thank you for it.

  • Body Butter


    Image via Lush

    Alternatively, do it yourself. Plan a massage-night-in, and use one of the delicious Lush Body Butters to start the evening off.

    LUSH, $6.95 for 2 oz.

  • Bath Time Bliss


    Image via The Honest Company

    And let's not forget the body scrub! The sea salt and sugar body scrub from The Honest Company is loaded with vanilla and lavender essential oils, helping Mom relax and savor the indulgent bath.

    The Honest Company, $16.95

  • Harmony Ball


    Image via BravuraJewelry925/Etsy

    Pregnancy Harmony Balls are all about connecting Mom and baby. "A bell inside the ball produces a soothing chime representing long life and fertility, which can be heard by the baby starting at about 20 weeks."

    Etsy, $59.99+

  • Lingerie


    Image via You! Lingerie

    Yes, pregnancy and sexy go perfectly together. Amp up the romance this Valentine's Day with these flirty maternity lingerie pieces from You! Lingerie. The bra is not only mega sexy, but is also a converted nursing bra for after baby is born!

    You! Lingerie, $29.99 regular, $11.99 sale

  • Babymoon!


    Image via Surkov Vladimir/shutterstock

    It doesn't have to be extravagant, but treat your partner to a well-timed "babymoon" before you welcome your plus-one! Feeling especially exotic? Take her on a tropical getaway. Watching the budget? Take her on a "staycation" in a nearby town and enjoy an evening together.

  • Chocolate, Duh


    Image via Unelefante

    But before you reach for that traditional heart-shaped assortment, consider this: chocolate is not only good, but it's good for you. Especially during pregnancy. Chocolate has been proven to lower a woman's risk of preeclampsia, so load up on the cocoa bars!

  • Pregnancy Essentials Bundle


    All-in-one packages always make us squeal! Gift this pregnancy essentials bundle from Earth Mama Angel Baby, which contails yummy-smelling oils, teas, and body lotions.

    Earth Mama Angel Baby, $76.77 regular, $61.42 sale

  • Mani/Pedi Spa Day


    Image via juniart/shutterstock

    In the last few weeks of pregnancy, there's no chance she's reaching her feet. And unless you're able and willing to break out the nail files and polish, treat her to a mani/pedi instead. With a foot massage, lotion, and pretty pedicured toes, she'll be very thankful.

  • 'Mock'tails for the Mama


    Image via Amazon


    We all know alcohol is a big no-no during pregnancy, so it's time to get creative. This Mommy Mixology book can teach you both how to make yummy mocktails during, and after, pregnancy.

    Amazon, $12.48

  • Cleaning Service


    Image via limpido/shutterstock

    One thing should be made clear: this is not a judgment on her housekeeping skills, but just another way for you to pamper your partner. That growing baby bump is getting in the way of many things, and cleaning the bathroom floor is one of them. Schedule a weekly (or however many you can afford) visit by a maid service, and the place will be tidy for baby's arrival.

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