15 Weirdest Baby Shower Gifts Moms Have Ever Received

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Most people stick to the registry when it comes to buying a gift for a baby shower. After all, it's what the mama-to-be is specifically asking for. Some folk, however, go rogue, abandoning all requests the guest of honor has made. And when that happens, things can go one of two ways: Really great or super weird.


We asked moms to reveal the strangest gift they received at their baby shower. Spoiler alert: Some people truly have a warped sense of what new moms need!

1. "I received a denture ice cube tray."

2. "A placenta recipe book."

3. "A girdle for after the birth, from my grandmother."

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4. "When our first child was born, my husband's aunt sent us a whole box of old, dirty and stained baby clothes she bought at garage sales. She was also kind enough to put an article about SIDS with it."

5. "At my second son's baby shower I received a gift bag from my mother-in-law with a dozen girl onesies and two packs of baby head wraps decorated with flowers and bows. The invitation sent out was a blue baby bootie with "it's a boy!" printed on it. The invite also included blue baby confetti and baby's name."

6. "Strawberry Flavored Nipple Butter. Apparently, they thought it was for breast feeding." 

7. "A Chuck E. Cheese gift card. Like I'm going to take my newborn to Chuck E. Cheese."

8. "I received a baseball cap with lights on the front of it from my grandmother. Her reasoning? I’d need something so I could see during midnight diaper changes!"

9. "An open can of formula. She said her baby was allergic, and she didn't want it to go to waste!"

10. "A car seat from the 1980s and an expired jar of baby food from my psychotic ex-sister-in-law."

11. "A big box of condoms."

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12. "Expired formula. One, I had made it very clear I was breastfeeding; and two, my daughter was born in 2009, the formula had expired in 2003."

13. "An obviously used picture frame and a pair of used, size 2T girls jeans. I was having a boy and everyone knew it."

14. "A gift card to DEB, where I don't shop. It was from my sister who told me, 'It's for when you're not fat anymore.'"
15. "I got a used manual breast pump from a female coworker of my husband's ... cheap and gross!"
What's the weirdest baby shower gift you received?

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