20 Craziest Bits of Pregnancy Advice Moms Have Ever Heard

Judy Dutton | Feb 27, 2015 Pregnancy
20 Craziest Bits of Pregnancy Advice Moms Have Ever Heard

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Once you're pregnant, everyone (even total strangers) feel it's their duty to pass along some sage advice... only problem is, their advice is often nuts! As proof, check out some of the craziest pregnancy advice moms have ever heard -- from what to wear to how to pee, where to have sex, and far more that will leave you scratching your head.

We asked moms for the kookiest bits of advice they got from family, friends, and even strangers who just happened to notice that bump they were carrying around. We're pretty positive that none of this has any bearing on your pregnancy ... but at least you'll know what people might say!

Does #5 make any sense to you? Can you top it?


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  • Monkey See?


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    "The craziest thing would have to be when my dear grandmother told me to not look at the monkeys when I go to the zoo. She said if I did, then my baby would look like a monkey. She was dead serious while telling me this."

  • Shorter Hair, Shorter Pregnancy?


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    "I was warned that if I cut my hair, it would cause a premature birth. Also that if I crossed my legs, the baby's legs would stop developing."

  • Ouch!


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    "Put clothespins on your nipples every day to toughen them up." 

  • But Babies Don't Drown!


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    "Don't take a bath. You will drown the baby."

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  • Put WHAT in Your Underwear?


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    "I was told to wear some type of metal on your underwear so when there is a full moon you won't lose your baby."

  • Bad News for the Beach


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    "I was told to only go as far as my knees into the ocean. If the ocean water got up to my vagina, it would make me go into labor."

  • Pee Break


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    "I was told to pick up your belly when you think you're done peeing and more will come out. Weird but it worked!"

  • Flip a Breech How?!


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    "Have sex doggy style to flip a breech baby." 

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  • More Bad News for the Beach


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    "I was told to cover up on the beach, because if you got sun on your stomach, it would blind the baby."

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  • So Long, Hot Showers


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    "Shower in room temperature water only; otherwise you'll cook the baby. Well, I had five kids and I managed to take my hot showers without cooking any of them."

  • Something's Fishy...


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    "My sister told me that consuming castor oil while pregnant would help my baby have a higher intelligence. Fortunately, I had enough intelligence to realize that was not a smart idea!"

  • Ban the Bounce!


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    "Someone told my daughter not to bounce ... The woman said it drives the baby down your birth canal. My daughter thought she was insane. I just laughed."

  • Don't Spice Things Up


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    "I was told to not to eat spicy foods or my baby would be born blind."

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  • Hold That Breath!


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    "My mother-in-law advised me not to breathe on a crowded street to 
avoid inhaling car emissions."

  • Spacey Advice


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    "Don't go outside during a solar eclipse or your baby will be all messed up. I did anyway, and she is perfect."

  • Armed and Dangerous?


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    "Don't raise your arms above your head; it will cause the baby to flip and get the cord wrapped around his neck."

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  • Who Wears the Pants?


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    "Stop wearing jeans -- because I would squish the fetus."

  • Bundle Up!


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    "Put a coat on. That baby is going to catch cold! This was said to me when I was about six months pregnant and standing outside on a winter day. They do know it doesn't work that way, right?"

  • A Bottle a Day...


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    "Drink beer to prevent cradle cap."

  • Back In My Day...


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    "I was told by my 88-year-old grandma that pregnant women should only have sex in the butt to help keep things moving back there. For the record, I didn't follow her advice!"

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