Mom-to-Be Enlists Photographer to Tell Husband He's Going to Be a Daddy (PHOTOS)​

Suzee Skwiot | Jan 26, 2015 Pregnancy
Mom-to-Be Enlists Photographer to Tell Husband He's Going to Be a Daddy (PHOTOS)​

surprise pregnancy announcementIt's easy to say that we've seen our fair share of pregnancy announcement photos over the years. From the "only child expiring on [insert date here]" to the standard lineup of shoes, it's not often that we're surprised by a new photo. But one couple completely outdid themselves when the wife surprised her husband with a pregnancy announcement in the middle of a photo shoot.

Camille and Kyle hired photographer Kendra Swall (of Paisley Layne Photography) under the ruse of creating the couple's "Christmas card photo." Or so Camille told her husband. Instead, the mom-to-be and photographer had planned an elaborate pregnancy reveal, and Swalls was there to capture the whole thing.

Take a look at the slideshow below and check out Dad's amazing reaction!

How did you tell your partner you were expecting?


Image via Kendra Swalls/Paisley Layne Photography

  • 'Christmas Card'


    Image via Kendra Swalls/Paisley Layne Photography

    "I first met Camille when I did a pre-wedding photo session with her," Swalls says. "During that session, we hit it off really well and were chatting the whole time about anything and everything. I mentioned, half joking, that when she gets pregnant to let me know because I had a creative idea I wanted to try. I explained the idea to her and she loved it and said she would definitely be in touch when the time came around."

    And Camille delivered.

    "When she sent me a text back in November that said 'Remember that idea we talked about?' I almost screamed with excitement," Swalls adds. "I called her immediately and set up the session and discussed the plan."

  • Something Different


    Image via Kendra Swalls/Paisley Layne Photography

    Then, about halfway through this "Christmas card" shoot, Swells changed the pace and wanted to "try something different." She handed Camille and Kyle each a piece of paper and asked them to write a sweet note to one another.

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  • Love Notes


    Image via Kendra Swalls/Paisley Layne Photography

    Kyle's note started: "I love you more than life itself" and quickly turned into a short love essay.

    Camille's, a bit more newsworthy.

    "I could tell that Camille was nervous when I had them start writing the notes to each other," Swells says. "She was worried that he might see hers before we were ready. As I had them stand back to back to get a photo of each sign, it was pretty clear that he was still clueless."

    And it was all for the best.

  • Surprise!


    Image via Kendra Swalls/Paisley Layne Photography

    "I counted to three as they turned around and just started shooting to make sure I captured each moment of his reaction," Swells says. "It took a moment for him to realize exactly what the sign said, and when it finally hit him, his whole face just lit up and he ran toward her with the biggest smile on his face! It was a priceless moment."

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  • Official Announcement


    Image via Kendra Swalls/Paisley Layne Photography

    And just like that, the whole photo shoot changed. Now they were creating their official "we're expecting!" announcement. Along with the couple's two pups, they showed off their latest news.

    "I think my favorite part was watching the two of them interact after the reveal and during the rest of the photo shoot," Swells adds. "I gave them a couple of minutes alone before continuing the session, but just seeing the smiles on their faces and their excitement was the best part for me."

    From pre-wedding memories to a new addition, Swells has seen the couple through some of their biggest memories.

    "I absolutely adore this couple and have loved getting to share in this journey with them," she says. "That is one of the best parts of my job; I get to stay in touch with my clients and share in the joys as they move through different phases of life. I cannot wait to meet their sweet baby and hopefully continue to capture their growing family for years to come."

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