Mom-to-Be Enlists Photographer to Tell Husband He's Going to Be a Daddy (PHOTOS)​

surprise pregnancy announcementIt's easy to say that we've seen our fair share of pregnancy announcement photos over the years. From the "only child expiring on [insert date here]" to the standard lineup of shoes, it's not often that we're surprised by a new photo. But one couple completely outdid themselves when the wife surprised her husband with a pregnancy announcement in the middle of a photo shoot.


Camille and Kyle hired photographer Kendra Swall (of Paisley Layne Photography) under the ruse of creating the couple's "Christmas card photo." Or so Camille told her husband. Instead, the mom-to-be and photographer had planned an elaborate pregnancy reveal, and Swalls was there to capture the whole thing.

Take a look at the slideshow below and check out Dad's amazing reaction!

How did you tell your partner you were expecting?


Image via Kendra Swalls/Paisley Layne Photography

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