10 Pregnancy Announcements That Prove People Should Have a License to Procreate

Judy Dutton | Feb 10, 2015 Pregnancy
10 Pregnancy Announcements That Prove People Should Have a License to Procreate
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Want to tell the world "we're pregnant!" with a bit of panache? Well, there are a lot of creative ways to announce a pregnancy. We've rounded up some of the most truly bizarre pregnancy announcements on the Internet. Some are LOL-worthy and others might not go over well with family and friends. There are some seriously silly and weird pregnancy announcements out there, folks! When it comes to making these big announcements in life, it's fun to put our own creative spin on things. Go ahead, make it personal. That's the best part. These examples of quirky, real-life pregnancy announcements range from amusing to downright inappropriate.

Some even implement naughty Barbie dolls, amazing Photoshop skills, and pics of passed-out dads-to-be. It's full of laughs, cringeworthy moments, and inspiration for what not to do in a pregnancy announcement. Of course, that's half the fun! Announcing a new baby to the world is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. It has to be fun. And think of it this way -- won't it be an awesome story to tell children later in life and then for them to pass on to their kids? Priceless. And even better if it's captured on video.

A little warning: Kick the kids out of the room first, as some of these border on not safe for work (or kids!).

  • Math, Booze, and Barbie, Oh My!


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    Some whiskey, a bottle of Coke, two barbies gettin' busy on the kitchen counter, and one positive pregnancy test. That's pretty much how it happens every time, right?

  • Um, Congratulations?


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    With the not-so-happy language, it's definitely a little difficult to tell whether this pregnancy announcement is a positive one. Maybe we'll just call it a happy accident!

  • She's Giving Birth to a Wolf?


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    Ah, there's nothing like a good old-fashioned (and downright hideous) Internet meme to let your closest friends and family know that you've officially been knocked up.


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  • He Shoots, He Scores!


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    Typically, grandma is one of the first to know when a new arrival is on the way. This lucky nana got to find out alongside about a million other people. And on national television to boot!

  • Translation: You're Pregnant!


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    Everyone knows that language barriers can be difficult. Still, those two little pink lines on pregnancy tests are universally translated as "We're getting a baby in about nine months!"

  • Bye, Old Life


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    These new parents are more than ready to admit that their old loves (such as video games and beach bum days) are about to fall by the wayside once their little one is born.

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  • How Nerds Announce They're Expecting


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    Nerds have always had a pretty special (read: slightly odd) way of seeing the world. We definitely admire that. Even if it means seeing their kids like Xbox game achievements.

  • What a Shocker!


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    We understand that some dads might faint from shock, but did you need to announce his reaction to the world? Even if this is a joke, it's a bad joke that suggests that not everyone is so enthused about the big news.

  • Babies, Barbecue, and Beer


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    As much as we hate to admit it, this is a pretty accurate dipiction of your average pregnant couple. Mom's pregnant with an actual baby and dad's got a belly full of delicious beer and steak.

  • Creepy & Campy


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    Hopefully, this couple's precious baby doesn't turn out to be some super creepy, scaled, web-toed swamp monster. If it does, well, we're sure they'll love it anyway.

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