Throwing a Baby Sprinkle in 12 Easy Steps

sprinkled with love shakers

You're in charge of throwing a baby shower! Only it's not for the mom's first child... so while you want to celebrate, pulling out all the stops for a full-blown baby shower may feel like overkill. If so, considered throwing a "baby sprinkle" instead -- a smaller shower for second, third, or even later pregnancies.


The general gist of baby sprinkles is that they're low-key: while guests may bring gifts, they're usually smaller (think onesies rather than car seats). Sometimes there may be no gifts at all, just close friends and family gathering for a few snacks to toast the great news. For plenty of inspiration on how to put together a baby sprinkle with panache, check out these creative ideas.

Baby Shower Sprinkle

Number four is perfect for moms who already have kids! Have you seen anything like it at a shower?


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