20 Trendy Baby Names Ending in a 'Double T'

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Scarlett. Bennett. Elliott. Notice a trend? Baby names with a double "T" are where it's at these days.


"Even if parents don't like the same style of name, we're liking the same sounds," says naming expert Laura Wattenberg, founder of Baby Name Wizard. And right now, ending a name with a crisp, clear "T" is sounding pretty good.

The reason why isn't clear, but "more than ever before, parents are looking for fresh names," Wattenberg says. "We don't want to name our kids 'John' and 'Mary.' We want to sound creative. Standing out from the crowd has become more important than fitting in."

Read on for names ending with a "double T" sound that you'll want to consider for your baby boy or girl.

For Girls:

1. Alliette: Beautiful without being precious. Try "Allie" or "Ettie" as a nickname.

2. Britt: A more athletic, confident version of Brittany.

3. Charlotte: This Old German name continues to be hot right now, and for good reason. It's elegant without being fussy.

4. Claudette: Claude's a hard sell. But add the ending "TT" sound and you suddenly have a light, musical name that trips off the tongue.

5. Johnette: Derived from the French name "Jeannette," Johnette has an endearing tomboy charm.

6. Merritt: It means "boundary gate" in Old English, but we think Merritt has far-reaching appeal. Smart, steady, and sweet.

7. Olette: A unique gem of a name. You'd never guess it originated from the Norwegian "Olaf."

8. Scarlett: Strong on Southern charm and beauty. Try Carly or Scout for short.

9. Violette: A delicate flower of a name, with just a hint of mischief.

10. Viviette: An unusually pretty name for a baby girl. Plus, you get the bonus of "Viv" or "Vivi" as a nickname.

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For Boys:

1. Abbott: Derived from the Aramaic "abba," which means father. But we just like how it sounds: friendly and approachable.

2. Beckett: Whether this name makes you think of writer Samuel Beckett or one of the main characters on the TV show Castle, you have to admit, it has far-reaching appeal.

3. Bennett: A snazzier version of Benjamin, Bennett continues to rise in popularity.

4. Elliott: Equal parts smart and sweet, this name is inherently lovable.

5. Everett: Thoughtful and steady, Everett's a solid choice for a baby boy.

6. Hewitt: A common English last name, we think Hewitt has enough charm to also come first.

7. Padgett: An unusually strong, serious name.

8. Prescott: Although it comes from the English name for "priest's cottage," we think Prescott sounds like a leading man.

9. Riott: It's not for everyone, but if you're looking for a strong, unique name that guarantees your son will stand out, Riott's the natural choice.

10. Witt: The natural (and adorable) successor to another "double-T" name: Wyatt.

Which name ending with a double-T is your favorite?

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