16 Absurd Stock Photos of Children

Judy Dutton | Feb 12, 2015 Pregnancy

baby in roasting pan What mom doesn't love snapping photos of her kids? Well, if you're taking pics similar to any of these images, step away from the camera, now. As these strange stock photos of kids make all too clear, there is such a thing as getting too creative in terms of props (axe?) and contexts (baby in roasting pan?). Take a gander at just how weird children's photos can get.

What do you think is going on in #9? 


Image © Tetra Images/Corbis

  • My Son the Axe Murderer


    Image © iStock.com/Imgorthand

    Because we always send the kids out to play with an axe ... right?

  • Packed Like Sardines ...


    Image © iStock.com/FinnBrandt

    Caught fresh from the sea, packed in tins to retain their salty goodness, and great served on top of crackers. Yup, that describes kids to a tee.

  • Girl With BIG Appetite


    Image © iStock.com/jane

    She must be really, really hungry.

  • Love Is Blind


    Image © iStock.com/ferrantraite

    Ah, the annual eye exam, a moment all parents want to commemorate with a photo! Don't forget to dress your kid up like Cupid complete with bow and arrow, too.

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  • Got a Light?


    Image © Josh Gosfield/Corbis

    After a long hard day of peek-a-boo and block building, nothing beats a cigar and a martini to unwind.

  • Kids, Chimps, Same Difference


    Image © iStock.com/RichVintage

    So the subtext here seems to be that kids and chimps are alike, right on down to the way they dress and their competence at office skills. This doesn't say much about tomorrow's work force, now does it?

  • Thanksgiving Baby


    Image © Tetra Images/Corbis

    Guess what's for dinner? Oven-roasted baby! It's scrumptious, so tender. And the leftovers are great for sandwiches.

  • Ready, Aim, Fire!


    Image via ZouZou/shutterstock

    Maybe not bizarre so much as really, really sad.

  • Dunkin' What?!


    Image © iStock.com/Vizerskaya

    Imagine a world where kids lounge on giant donuts bobbing in a sea of milk. Sounds surreal -- and a strange way to photograph kids. Couldn't you just snap some pics of them at the park like normal people?

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  • Eureka!


    Image © iStock.com/Jason_V

    So we guess this kid is supposed to be some budding Ben Franklin, gathering lightning with a household strainer. Which he's levitated over his head, no less. 

  • Drowning Clown


    Image © iStock.com/AnnWorthy

    Let's dress a kid in a clown suit then plunge him under water! It's also a great way to obscure half of the kid's face, since no parent wants to see the whole thing, right?

  • Bewitched


    Image via worarit jaratpuree/shutterstock

    We have seen evil, and it lurks within our little girl.

  • Boy Robot and Dinosaur


    Image © Dan Prince/cultura/Corbis

    From the dinosaur to the robot outfit, there are so many things about this photo that make us go "huh?"

  • Human Alarm Clock?


    Image © iStock.com/Ann_Mei

    Er, this toddler just ripped the arms off this huge alarm clock ... but hey, who needs an alarm when you've got a toddler to wake you up at 5 a.m.?

  • Birds of a Feather


    Image © GraphicaArtis/Corbis

    Ever heard those stories of wolves raising babies? Well, we'll do you one better: penguins raising three kids. Two of whom are very sleepy.

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  • Arrested Development


    Image via ZouZou/shutterstock

    The parents couldn't be prouder.

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