Couple's Moving Adoption Announcement Is a Kid's Fairy Tale Fantasy Come True

eric cara taylor adoption announcement"Whichever one fits" is the motto for husband and wife team, Eric and Cara Taylor. The couple, who sent out their holiday card to family and friends this season, featured a sweet surprise announcement: they're planning to adopt a child through the foster care system! And their new (and viral) take on a standard "we're expecting!" announcement will make you smile.


Check it out:

eric cara taylor adoption announcement

Cara, a photographer, has done her fair share of pregnancy announcement photo shoots. "This was our spin on creating that type of announcement," Cara tells The Stir. "Since we don't know if our child will be a boy, a girl, will be younger or older, we decided to include lots of shoes."

They shared their photo with Together We Rise, a non-profit organization that helps children in the foster care system, and it immediately went viral. The couple's story has been shared on countless news sites and their precious photo has been shared thousands of times.

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But now it's time for the process to kick into high gear. "We had a conversation about a year into our marriage that was centered around adoption and that it was something that we'd both always wanted to look into," says Cara. And they've started the work to begin their family.

cara and eric taylorCara and Eric are being certified to bring a child into their home. In their home state of Alabama, the couple has to undergo an orientation meeting, a sit-down with a social worker, a 10-week class that helps prepare prospective parents for the challenges of adopting, background checks, home studies, and a full family profile. After that's all completed, they will eagerly await a match.

And they couldn't be more excited.

"We are still pretty early in our process," Cara adds. "We start our 10-week class in two weeks. I know that sounds lengthy, but it will move quickly and there really is a ton of support for foster/adoptive parents out there. It's amazing!"

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And that support has been rolling in steadily. "I've even been approached by others who have gone through the process and have said, 'if you need anything, feel free to come to us. We've been there,'" she says.

However, the process has not been without its fair share of challenges. The most difficult? "Knowing who to contact to get started," Cara says. "I think that's people's biggest question at the beginning. But the state of Alabama has a group called Alabama Pre/Post Adoption Connections (APAC) that is centered around support for foster/adoptive families."

And while the Taylors have faced the same challenges as any other couple looking to adopt, they do have one unique factor: Eric is active duty Army.

"The Judge Advocate General (JAG) even has FREE legal assistance for military couples looking to adopt a child, meaning the lawyer will be paid by JAG to complete and file your adoption paperwork," Cara shares. "People who might be considering adoption think it's an expensive thing. Adopting from the foster care system is not costly, it grows your family, and it gives a child a forever family. Win-win-win!"

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Rightfully so, the Taylors are beyond enthusiastic about sharing their story. "[The story going viral] has opened up the conversation about foster care and adoption," Cara says. "I've seen lots of comments from people wanting to know where they can get information about their state, which is awesome!"

"There are children everywhere who need good homes," she adds. "We are a bit overwhelmed by the attention, but if even one person gets involved in the foster care process because of this story, then it was totally worth it!"

What did your expecting announcement look like?


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