2 Moms Have a Baby With a Strange Man: Here's the Hilarious Announcement (PHOTO)

lesbian couple pregnancy announcementPregnancy announcements come and go and each couple tries to top the one who came before them. But it's time to stop. Because we have officially seen the absolute best pregnancy announcement ever. Originally posted on Reddit by "MeggoEggo1," it's a "nontraditional baby announcement for a nontraditional family" and features a lesbian couple's hilarious reaction to their baby news.


Those two completely stark expressions: one of joy, one of shock and confusion, are coupled with their excellent shirt choices and really perfectly describes the moment:


Ha! We love it!

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The Reddit user even explained the uber-funny moment and answered some burning questions from commenters. "My wife has dated men before me so she always assumed she'd have a baby biologically," MeggoEggo1 writes. "I had no interest. So it just worked out that way."

And there you go.

Baby MeggoEggo1 will be here in July and we sure hope he or she inherits both moms' amazing sense of humor and creativity.

Congratulations to the couple!

What do you think of this pregnancy announcement?


Image vie MeggoEggo/Imgur

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