What Men Really Think of Pregnant Women's Bodies

man and pregnant woman

Pregnancy brings about a LOT of changes to your body, and let's be honest: these changes can throw you for a loop. In fact, according to a CafeMom poll, 52 percent admitted that pregnancy made them more insecure about their body. And there's often the question looming in your mind: what does your partner think about your new look?

To help shed some light on that question, we asked men to spill their honest, no-holds-barred thoughts about your pregnant body -- in the bedroom and out, the good AND the bad. (Seriously, be warned you might get angry.) For a peek inside the male mind and what they love (and don't love) about your burgeoning belly, boobs, and beyond, read on.

  1. There is nothing sexier! "I still remember when my wife was pregnant, and I thought she looked totally, completely awesome, full of life, and very sexy too. There is nothing -- and I mean NOTHING -- as exciting as seeing a growing bulge on the woman I love who is carrying our child." -- 51-year-old dad with three kids
  2. Love the body, but not the sex. "Although I found my wife's pregnant body aesthetically pleasing, I had a hard time having sex with her. It's as if there were a third person in the room." -- 44-year-old dad with one child
  3. Just don't let it go. "Women are curvy, and pregnancy accentuates those curves, like the S-shape of the back. That said, this is assuming a woman doesn't let herself go completely and become an amorphous blob. You can't look like an ink spot and still be sexy." -- single 45-year-old who would like to have kids
  4. She looks like a goddess. "I find the big belly itself very exciting -- like some magnificent goddess statue from an ancient fertility cult. Also since pregnant women are not going to get more pregnant, I love the fact that we don't have to use birth control." -- single 39-year-old who'd like to have kids
  5. It hurts to look. "When my wife was nearing full term with twins, her belly measured 44 inches around. Even looking at her hurt." -- 38 year old dad with two kids (plus twins on the way)

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  6. With breasts, bigger is better! "When my wife was pregnant, her natural D cup breasts only got bigger. It was awesome. Being pregnant made her amazing body even better." -- 31-year-old dad with one child
  7. Some look great, others don't. "When my wife was pregnant with our three sons, she had a certain glow, and the fact that she was carrying a precious little one inside of her made my heart melt. And while I have certain respect and admiration for all pregnant women I see today, not all of them fall under the 'beautiful' banner. Maybe it was fatherly instincts or hormones with my wife, or maybe I'm just a little more picky about what I call beautiful. Nevertheless, I will say that if a woman is good looking before she gets pregnant, she will be as good looking or better looking when she becomes pregnant." -- 50-year-old dad with three kids
  8. Pregnancy is a sexual turn-off. "To me, a pregnant body is not sexual at all. I think it's evolutionary: Since she's already seeded up, you're better off looking for sex elsewhere. It's the same way you'd have no interest in buying a home that's already occupied. An unpregnant woman seems much more inviting." -- 41-year-old dad with two kids
  9. It made me marvel at what our bodies could do together. "When my wife started to show, I was like wow, I did that to her?! I was amazed I'd helped make all these changes to her body. I also thought what an awesome gift she gave me. She must really love me. And that made me love her more." -- 35-year-old dad with one child
  10. I think it's disgusting. "To be honest I think pregnant women are disgusting. They look awful with their belly button sticking out, rubbing their stomach with that glazed look in their eyes. It's like taking a Porsche, destroying it with an axe, and replacing it with a Dodge. If you were the owner of that Porsche, how would you feel? It's total destruction of value, at least from a sex and attraction perspective." -- single 43-year-old who does not plan to have kids
  11. It makes me appreciate what women endure. "I think one of the amazing things about pregnant women is watching the physical transition that takes place within her body -- the roundness of the stomach, fullness of the breast and hips -- since after all, watching another life grow inside of her is a blessing that men are not able to do. Yes, there may be mood swings and swelling, but it is expected. As men, we would not know what it's like to carry an eight to ten pound person. In the end, pregnancy may not be all that appealing; but if you think about all the things that woman have to endure to bring life into the world, my appreciation is far greater." -- 36-year-old dad with two kids

What did your partner say about your pregnant body?


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