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20 Bizarre Stock Images of Pregnant Women

Pregnancy Judy Dutton Jan 23, 2015

creepy ob/gyn

If you're pregnant, you've probably considered capturing this amazing time in your life with some pregnancy portraits. But how should you pose? Well, for starters, consider not following in the footsteps of any of the pregnant women who pop up in stock images, which feature moms-to-be with an array of questionable props and themes (guns? pizza?).

Take a look, have a laugh, then try something completely different, please.

What exactly is #15 trying to say to us ... and why does it make us feel like we're in a horror film?


Image © Josh Gosfield/Corbis

Image via Dojo666/shutterstock

1Thank You, Mr. Stork

See, son, babies come from storks. So even though you might think your little sister/brother is in my tummy, a bird just like this one will drop the baby off with us very soon! Won't that be nice? Er, we don't think this kid is buying it.

Image via lanych/shutterstock

2Pregnant By Day, Killer By Night

She's bringing a life into the world but moonlights as a cold-blooded killer. With her belly exposed, of course.

Image via Monika Olszewska/shutterstock

3Pregnant, Curlers, and ... Pizza?

Because all pregnant women love putting their hair in curlers, prancing around half naked, and eating a whole pizza. right?

Well, OK, so the pizza part is right ...

Image © Justin Paget/Corbis


Pregnant women don't eat like normal people -- they eat like savages! Here's proof.

Image via Todor Rusinov/shutterstock

5Time for a Tattoo!

Hey, pregnancy is the perfect time to get inked! And not just something pretty like a flower or a bird, but literally the word "tattoo," scribbled on as if by a 4-year-old. Yup, that'll look great with some stretchmarks.

Image © Josh Gosfield/Corbis

7Creepy OB/GYN Visit

And you thought your OB/GYN was weird? Not to mention that school girl outfit ...

Image © iStock.com/CREATISTA


8Pregnant Hillbillies

Yee-haw, we're pregnant! Time to celebrate by shootin' some squirrels in the backyard, smoking some cigs, and putting curlers in my hair!

Image © iStock.com/caracterdesign

9She's a Lumberjack, and It's OK

Ever had that craving to chop down a tree while pregnant? No? We haven't either.

Image © iStock.com/balono

10Gender Bending

Who says that only women get to be preggers? Let's swap roles. I'll wear a moustache, you wear a wig, but don't bother shaving your goatee ...

11Hot Tamale?

That's one way to get labor started ...

Image © iStock.com/KatarinaBlazhievskaya

13The Clock Is Ticking ...

Yup the countdown to the big day has begun, so this lady bought a clock and released a dove to commemorate the occasion ... as you do.

Image © Morgan David de Lossy/Corbis

14Belly Stand-off

Hey, your beer belly and my pregnant belly look exactly the same size! Only yours is hairier.

Image © Mike McGill/CORBIS


If this were a movie, it would be called The Pregnant Bunny Massacre. All she needs is a knife or axe in her hand and we're good to go.

Image via lekcej/shutterstock

16Fifty Shades of Weird

You know how lingerie is a gift men buy for themselves? Well, here's a perfect example of that.

Image © iStock.com/CREATISTA

18Get This Baby Out of Me!

Just look at me, I'm huge! And my mood swings are awful. And every time I put on mascara, I cry. Pregnancy is the pits. Hey, let's take a photo!

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Image © iStock.com/ tazytaz

19What to Eat?

Broccoli or French fries? It's a tough call. Broccoli is better for the baby, but every cell in my body is screaming for greasy starchy goodness. How about I just eat both? And yeah, let's totally take a photo too.


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