Most Annoying Things Moms Do When Choosing a Baby Name

Judy Dutton | Feb 25, 2015 Pregnancy
Most Annoying Things Moms Do When Choosing a Baby Name

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Choosing a baby name might be important to you (and for good reason), but let me let you in on a little secret: Not everyone shares your undying love for the name you picked, or how you spell it, or how you've chosen to present it to others. In fact, sometimes, hearing about your baby name or the rules you expect the rest of us to follow regarding it, is downright annoying. Here, 10 things that drive other moms the craziest.

Does #5 drive you crazy too?

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  • Act like you "own" the name


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    Sorry, but unless you filed for copyright, you can't "own" a name and anyone who wants to can use it. Even more annoying is when people call "dibs" on names who aren't even pregnant yet: "When I get married and have a child, I'm naming him or her Connor. Don't steal my name!" Um, you're not even pregnant yet. 

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  • Use an off-the-wall spelling


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    We're talking about when parents take an otherwise normal name -- Jennifer, Jack -- and jazz it up with a bunch of y's, z's, and other zany letters. The result: Gennyfur, Zgadgck. Why? One, it still sounds the same, so it won't make any difference unless it's written. And even if it is written, it will be mispelled your child's entire life, and he will resent you for it.

  • Give siblings rhyming or theme names


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    Got two kids named Petal and Blossom? Or three named Jerry, Terry and Sherry? If you're part of a traveling circus perhaps there's a point, but otherwise it sounds pretty ridiculous.

  • Freak out if people don't LOVE the name


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    Not everyone has the same tastes as you, so don't get upset if people don't  gush "Oooooh, I love it!" Some people won't like it; so get used to it.

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  • Choose a name that's hard to pronounce


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    And then getting bent out of shape when people mispronounce it. Give them a break; they haven't been pondering this name for months like you.

  • Call the baby something totally different


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    "We're going to name our baby Sarah, but we're going to call her Coco." Um, why? What's the point of having a name you never use? Even worse is when parents expect everyone, including a child's teachers, to go along with it. If you don't like the name you picked, change it, or if it's not official yet, consider naming your baby the name you want to use. Simple.

  • Have a baby name reveal party


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    Chances are you're familiar with gender reveal parties, and those can be exciting. But a name reveal party seems like an awful lot of fuss over a name. If you want to keep the name secret up until birth, we get that, but don't make a huge to-do over your name with a party devoted to its unveiling.

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  • Mesh two names


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    Like: Darilyn or Dandrew or Fredward ... what the heck?

  • Choose a cutsie name


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    Sure, a baby named "Teddy" or "Bunny" is cute. An adult with those names will never be taken seriously. It's fine to give babies a cute nickname, but make sure their name can be grown into -- Ted for Teddy, or Annabel for Bunny, for instance.

  • Go on and on (and on and on and on) about your baby's name


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    Or constantly mulling over the various options. Save this for your husband, since he's the only one who'll truly care. Your friends would love to talk about something else for a while.

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  • Pick a Stripper Name


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    Think about where you want your daughter to work in the future. If it includes the name "pussycat," then she's all set.

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  • Insist kids don't make fun of other kids' names anymore


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    No one wants to think about their sweet little baby being bullied. Unfortunately, kids are cruel ... even kids today. And when someone tries to gently tell you that pairing "Ida" with the last name "Mann" isn't the best idea, well, maybe you should get your head out of your you-know-what and think of your sweetie on the playground in seven years.

  • Choose a trendy name ... and then complain about it


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    Baby names are a lot like cars. When you pick one, suddenly it seems like EVERYONE has it. But here's the thing: just like cars, you can do your research before you make the choice. Sites like Baby Name Wizard actually track the popularity of a name. So if you don't want to have one of the 17 Jacobs in playgroup, it's on you to do the research ... not the rest of us!

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