100 Lumberjack Chic Baby Names for Boys & Girls

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The great outdoors, lumberjack style, rustic beauty -- we can feel the fresh air in our lungs just thinking about it. Trees and nature are so inspiring and can inspire incredible baby names. While we don't want our babies to be born with beards and wearing plaid, we do love these names inspired by the lumberjack spirit. Check out these 100 rustic, lumberjack baby names for boys and girls.


  1. Paul: The great Paul Bunyan is the lumberjack in American folklore. He wears plaid, hangs out with Babe the Blue Ox, and has a name that's strong and solid.
  2. Forest: Don't think about Gump in this case. Think about the tall pines, the deep woods, the feel of the grass under your feet. Nature. Forest -- a great name for an adventurous kid.
  3. Ewan: Meaning "born of the yew tree," the name Ewan has a rugged and slightly wild feel, perfect for a lumberjack type.
  4. Aaron: With the meaning "high mountain," the name Aaron also has a leadership feel since he will always be first with the double "a" at the start of the name.
  5. Axe: If you want something a bit different than Axl, Axe is the way to go -- and it is a lumberjack's tool. It could also just be Axl's nickname. Axl Rose is kind of a rock and roll lumberjack (who wore plaid), so it really works.
  6. Plaid: Only for the more daring parents, Plaid is one of those uncommon names that no other kid in school will have but yours. Sounds like Brad, but cooler.
  7. Gray: The gray jay is the name of a bird common in forests, and the color makes for a great name for your little one. It works for both a girl and a boy.
  8. Jack: Possibly one of the greatest names ever, Jack means so many different things to so many people. "Jack" is the name within "lumberjack" and has been the name of captains and leaders in real life and fairytales.
  9. Kai: In Japanese, Kai means "ocean," giving it a nature feel. In Navajo, it means "willow tree," lending itself to the rustic woods.
  10. Hemlock: Another name for parents who favor unusual names, Hemlock is the name of a tree. "Lock" would make a great nickname -- perfect for fans of the TV show Lost as well.
  11. Finn: Filled with adventure, the name Finn is inspired by Huckleberry Finn who was a bit of a woodsman who loved the outdoors.
  12. Huck: Don't love Finn? Then consider Huck, which has a very Americana feel and is the name Brad Paisley gave his son. (Huck Paisley was born to wear a red bandana.)
  13. Banyan: Banyan is the name of a tree and has the same feel as Bunyan (as in Paul), but makes a better first name.
  14. Cedar: Deeply rooted in nature, you would think the name Cedar would be more popular. Consider it a well kept secret on one of the best rustic names around.
  15. Aspen: It's a tree, a great place in Colorado, and it's a well-loved name for a boy or a girl. The Aspen tree has heart-shaped leaves, giving it a sweet touch, perfect for a sweet baby.
  16. Birch: The white birch tree is beautiful with its light bark, and while more common as a last name, Birch makes a very fine first name.
  17. Pine: Pine trees. Evergreens. Great smelling. Popular in the logging industry. Pine makes a mighty strong name for a tyke.
  18. Oak: I imagine the great oak tree to be the one that Paul Bunyan sits under to have his lunch. It's gorgeous and a romantic tree in the woods. It makes acorns and is a fantastic name.
  19. Spruce: Like Bruce, but want something a little different? What about Spruce? Spruce trees are a lumberjack's favorite and a good name for a little boy.
  20. Woody: Famous Woodys include actor Woody Harrelson and folk singer Woody Guthrie. In its purest form, wood is from trees, lumber, King of the woods. Wood or Woody is nature's best name.
  21. Park: It makes a great nickname for Parker, but also works great on its own. Park is a solid name -- just don't make the middle name Ranger.
  22. Leaf: It sounds like Liev, but has a more simple roll on the tongue. The name Leaf is outdoorsy with a certain softness to it. And one-syllable names go with most surnames.
  23. Alder: It's the name of a type of tree in birch family, but we think Alder is also going to be one of the names on the rise in popularity in the coming year.
  24. Tree: Perfect for hippies, woodsmen, lumberjacks, spiritual people, and nature-lovers, the name Tree has a majestic feel and would also make a great middle name.
  25. Hunter: A hunter is someone who chases after something (and it doesn't have to be an animal). It's also a lovely shade of green, found in forests. This surname has seen a surge in popularity as a first name.
  26. Sylvan: Sylvan is the Roman God of the forest -- sounds like a lumberjack to me. Strong and uncommon, Sylvan also has an old-timey feel.
  27. Sparrow: There's Captain Jack Sparrow as well as Nicole Richie's son Sparrow James Midnight Madden, but Sparrow is also a sweet little bird with a great name.
  28. Sequoia: While Sequoia is often a girls' name, we love it for a boy. The Sequoia is a redwood tree and it is one of the largest and longest living organisms on Earth. 
  29. Hawk: A hawk is a beautiful bird of prey with impressive wings often found in the woodlands. Egyptians also believed hawks were sacred, making it quite a name.
  30. Cliff: You cannot think of mountainous areas without thinking of its breathtaking cliffs. "Clif" is Old English for slope or bank of a river.
  31. Falcon: Much like the name Hawk, Falcon is the name of a bird of prey that looks gorgeous in flight. If you have boy twins, Falcon and Hawk are two great names to consider.
  32. Linden: Instead of Lindon or Lyndon, Linden is the name of a tree and sets it apart yet is still a unique name for a boy.
  33. Coyote: If you want a name more daring than Wolf, then Coyote is it. Considered playful, be prepared if your Coyote is a bit of a troublemaker.
  34. Cypress: It's the name of a city in Greece and also a tree, Cypress is a great name that comes with the equally terrific nickname Cy.
  35. Fox: Fox Mulder was David Duchovny's character on The X-Files and it's shocking that didn't make the name more popular. It makes a great first name, perfect for your creative and smart little creature.
  36. Crane: Have you ever seen a crane in flight? It's beautiful. And it makes a stately name steeped in nature.
  37. Flint: Instead of Clint, Flint is a wise choice. Flint is a sedimentary rock (and also the name of a town in Michigan).
  38. Archer: While you could name your child Daryl after the bow master on The Walking Dead, you can also just go with Archer because it has more of a rustic feel.
  39. Stone: Stone is a strong, no-nonsense name with a little more of an esoteric feel than Rock. Famous Stones include Stone Gossard of Pearl Jam and TV news anchor Stone Phillips.
  40. Ren: Three letter names are cool, and Ren is one of those names at the top of the cool list. It can mean "raven" or "ruler" and has that king of the forest feel.
  41. Kyle: Derived from Gaelic word "caol," "Kyle" is a narrow or strait that can also be translated as "handsome."
  42. Phoenix: Rising from the ashes, the phoenix is mythical bird, a free spirit, and a great name.
  43. Arbor: While Arbor is often considered for a girl name, it shouldn't be forgotten as a boy's name. An arbor is a shelter made of vines and branches, giving Arbor as a name, a magical feel. Plus, Arbor Day will have a whole other meaning.
  44. Asher: Asher is Old English for one who lives near an ash tree or grove. It also means "happy" or "blessed."
  45. Angus: There is something a bit gruff and tough and lumberjackish about the name Angus, and I mean that in the best way. Interestingly, Angus is the Irish god of love and youth.
  46. Garrett: Gerald means "brave with a spear" and Garrett is a name derived from that. We can picture a kid named Garrett wearing plaid and chopping wood.
  47. Afton: The Afton river is a small waterway in Scotland and makes a great name for a child -- boy or girl.
  48. Jasper: Jasper holds the meaning of "bringer of precious gifts" and it's also the color of a quartz that is believed to have nurturing and healing qualities.
  49. Bo: Bo is a lumberjack's name. With just two letters, it's no fuss, and yet powerful. It also means "handsome."
  50. Doyle: While its Gaelic meaning is "dark stranger," we can see Doyle emerging from the woods with a substantial beard hauling logs.

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  1. Willow: The dreamy willow tree makes a gorgeous name for your little nature lover. We love that the name begins and ends with "w" -- it gives it a soft and magical feel.
  2. Prairie: The name Laura has been a great choice for a name, inspired by Little House on the Prairie, but Prairie itself is a unique name that carries a sweetness.
  3. Alden: It makes a good boys' name, but Alden is also beautiful for a girl. Alden is the name of an early settler who arrived on the Mayflower.
  4. Amber: Amber waves of grain, the energy of the color amber, the sun's amber rays -- all of which make Amber a name with a rustic and natural feel.
  5. Daisy: A daisy is one of the cutest flowers and it resembles the sun. It's a name that feels new and vintage at the same time.
  6. Dove: Meaning "bird of peace," Dove is a pretty name with a fun one-syllable sound.
  7. Fawn: Another one-syllable name, Fawn is a young deer, a woodland dweller.
  8. Birdie: With its old fashioned feel, Birdie might be one of the sweetest names since Dottie. Tweet tweet!
  9. Shelby: If you loved the movie Steel Magnolias, chances are you love the name Shelby (Julia Roberts' character). Shelby means "a willow grove."
  10. Mae: This name has been quite popular as a middle name, but it also makes a beautiful first one. It's like Meg with a twist.
  11. Gaia: Another name for Earth, Gaia is much prettier on the ears and is great for parents looking for a unique Earthly name.
  12. Blossom: Perfect for a springtime baby, Blossom will also make a great name for anyone who loves flowers.
  13. Clover: The four-leaf clover is a lucky one, and a field of clover is often part of nature's path. Perfect for the natural-minded family.
  14. Brook: Brooke is how many like to spell it, but if you drop the "e", it sets Brook apart. It's a small stream.
  15. Wren: Wrens are tiny singing birds, the musicians of the woods. Wren makes a great name -- or even Wrenna if you wanted something even more unique.
  16. Robin: The red robin is a gorgeous bird and one of those forgotten names that deserves to make a comeback.
  17. Dawn: Simple, yet beautiful, the dawn is when the day breaks and the sun rises and you start the day.
  18. Aurora: If you want something a little different from dawn but with a similar meaning, Aurora is a great choice.
  19. Clementine: Sweet, sweet Clementine -- the word means "merciful, gentle, and kind." We adore Clem as a nickname.
  20. Savannah: Meaning "plains," the name Savannah is also one of the coolest and most magical towns in Georgia.
  21. Rosewood: With an instant vintage appeal, the name Rosewood takes Rose to a whole other level.
  22. Anise: Anise is the name of a plant that tastes like licorice. It's also a great name for a girl -- or Anissa if you wanted to make it a little more fancy.
  23. Apple: Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin's daughter's name is Apple, and we think they were ahead of the trend with this sweet name.
  24. Delta: The name Delta deserves a spotlight after nearly facing extinction -- it was last popular in the early 1900s. It means triangle of land formed by a river.
  25. Cassia: Cassia is the original Spice Girl -- it's an herb that is a variety of cinnamon. It's a new twist on Cassidy.
  26. Juniper: This evergreen shrub makes berries and makes a great name for boys or girls. The nickname Juni might be one of the sweetest ever.
  27. Hazel: Named after the hazelnut tree, the name Hazel is also found in Witch Hazel, a flowering plant. Love that "z" in the middle.
  28. Olive: The name Olive won hearts in Little Miss Sunshine. It's also a tree and a symbol of peace.
  29. Heidi: Heidi must have braids. She's a forest dweller. And the name means "noble."
  30. Eden: Meaning "delight," the name Eden is where Adam and Eve lived -- it was paradise.
  31. Eve: In the Bible, Eve is "the mother of all the living." It's a pretty three-letter palindrome name.
  32. Evie: A new take on Eve, Evie means "life."
  33. Lily: The lily flower is thought of as "perfection" and "purity," and while that is a whole lot to put on a kid at birth, it's how you will see your child forever.
  34. Magnolia: The magnolia tree has large and very fragrant flowers. It makes a great name with a cute nickname, too -- Maggie.
  35. Maple: Maple is another tree and this one's leaves change to gorgeous colors in the fall.
  36. Laramie: The Laramie River goes through Colorado and Wyoming, and it's also a derivative of the French word "laramee," which is a canopy of leafy boughs. Lara for short.
  37. Laurel: There were wreaths of laurel, an evergreen, that would crown heroes in Ancient Greece and Rome. Makes for an enchanting name.
  38. Holly: Holly isn't just one of the greatest Christmastime names. We can't forget Holly Golightly from Breakfast at Tiffany's. Also, it's the name of an evergreen.
  39. Lake: The actress Lake Bell has given this name a spotlight -- we also love Lakely, a variant of the water name.
  40. Isley: If a lumberjack guy wears plaid, a lumberjack girl wears fair isle. The name Isley comes from that pretty knit.
  41. Feather: With the same sound as Heather, Feather is a little more rock and roll with a rustic edge.
  42. Meadow: She was Tony's daughter on The Sopranos, but the name Meadow has an ethereal feel. It's where hippie children go to play.
  43. Gwen: The beautiful name Gwen means "fair" and "blessed" -- you can go with Gwyneth or Gwendolyn, too.
  44. Haven: A haven is a safe place and refuge and as a baby name could be for either a boy or girl. It feels very magical, like a cozy spot under a big tree.
  45. Indigo: Indigo is a gorgeous color -- it's a deep blue purple and reminds me of the sky on a clear night.
  46. Lark: Also spelled Larke, Lark is a songbird often found in meadows, and the name also suggests a "cheerful approach to life."
  47. Marigold: It's like a combination of "Mary" and "Gold" and it's also the name of a flower.
  48. Zinnia: Zinnia flowers are in the sunflower family and are known to attract butterflies. It's a perfect name for your little darling.
  49. Iris: With a vintage feel, the name Iris comes from the flower, but Iris is also the Greek goddess of the rainbow.
  50. Poppy: The poppy is a beautiful and colorful flower, and it's a lovely name that has been rising in popularity. 

What is your favorite lumberjack name?

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