What Will Your Baby Be When He Grows Up? The Name You Choose Is a Big Clue

Suzee Skwiot | Jan 9, 2015 Pregnancy

baby with computerIt might seem a long way off, but are you already planning your child's future career? Then get this: their professional success might depend on your baby name of choice. Will you name your child James or Jefferson? Or Lori or Holly? It could be the difference between a future as a hairdresser or a surgeon. So no pressure, parents.

Verdant Labs, a baby name analysis site, recently charted the most common baby names by profession. And depending on the style, and sometimes even the spelling, the baby name could be a huge predictor of your baby's professional choices.

Take a look and see what names are most prevalent for certain occupations.

What's your kid going to be according to this?

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