20 Baby Girl Names Inspired by American Presidents

Sure, all of our US presidents have been men (so far), but that doesn't mean only boys can be named after them. We love the idea of giving a baby girl a name inspired by a Commander in Chief.


Check out the list below to see which past POTUS names have the right mix of sugar, spice, and everything nice (as well as a sense of history and knack for diplomacy), then vote for your favorite. 1. Ama: Did we shorten "Obama"? Yes. Have we ever heard this name before? No. Do we love it and hope you use it? Absolutely!

2. Birch: Shorten "Birchard," Rutherford Hayes' middle name, and you get a charming, clever girls' name.

3. Buren: Martin Van Buren might not be the most memorable US president. (He was #8, in case you were wondering.) But his last name makes a quiet, thoughtful name for a baby girl.

4. Clark: Herbert Hoover initiated a "New Deal" in America. We think his middle name, Clark, is smart and sassy enough to start a new trend.

5. Delano: Think Franklin Roosevelt's middle moniker is too masculine? Then we elect you shorten to the bubbly "Lane" or "Laney."

6. George: One of Nancy Drew's best girlfriends was named George. We love the tomboy vibe, or soften to "Georgina," "Georgia," or "Georgie."

7. Harding: Warren Harding was our 29th president, but this name rises to the top of our list for being both pretty and preppy.

8. Hayes: Another shout-out to Rutherford Hayes! Is it just us, or does this make the perfect name for a YA heroine? Strong, adventurous, and probably stays cool under pressure.

9. Jackson: Sure, Jack's an uber-popular boys' name, but why can't girls get in on the action, too? Try "Jackie" or "Jackee" for short.

10. Kennedy: We love the aristocratic air of this name. It has poise and polish. 

11. Leslie: "We haven't had a president named Leslie," you're probably thinking. Ah, but we have. Gerald Ford's real name, before he was adopted, was actually ... Leslie Lynch. Craving something less traditional? Try the original and startlingly lovely Scottish spelling: Lesslyn.

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12. Lyndon: Whether you're a fan of LBJ or not, you can probably get behind this surprisingly warm, sweet name. Try it spelled "Linden."

13. Madison: There's a reason this girls' name has been such a hit for so long. It's got history (James Madison coming in at #4) but a hint of unmistakable mischief as well.

14. McKinley: Old-fashioned without being stuffy. Take it a step further and try "Kinley."

15. Monroe: Just like our fifth US president, this name is a solid, trustworthy choice.

16. Pierce: Franklin Pierce, fourteenth president? Hard to remember. Pierce as a girls' name? Unforgettable.

17. Quincy: President John Adams' middle name is bookish and cute.

18. Taylor: Number 12's last name is a sporty, playful choice for a girl.

19. Theodora: Again, we've taken a little liberty here, paying tribute to the Roosevelts while also adding a bit of femininity to their first name. Thea's a strong contender, too.

20. True: Short for Truman, this name is lovely in its simplicity. Plus, think of the campaign slogans she'll have to choose from when she runs for Prez.

Which of these names is going on your short list?

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