21 Presidential Names for Baby Boys

Every parent dreams (or, well, perhaps also dreads) that their offspring will one day grow up to be President of the United States. It's a huge responsibility that requires confidence and charm as well as luck. So why not go ahead and give your little boy a head start with a baby name taken from one of our 43 presidents? (He can thank you in his victory speech.)


Here, our votes for the most awesome baby boy names inspired by POTUS.

Abram: Here's a two-fer: Abram was James Garfield's middle name and offers a hipper tweak to Lincoln's moniker. It's a fair choice, if we do say so ourselves.

Barack: Too soon to pay tribute? Nah. We love the clever, athletic name of our current president.

Birchard: Birchard was Rutherford Hayes' middle name (and his mom's maiden name). We elect you try "Birch" for short.

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Calvin: Enduring and solid, much like the 30th US president, Calvin Coolidge.

Carter: Jimmy Carter was undoubtedly a soft-spoken president, but his last name has a strapping, energetic sound.

Chester: Chester Alan Arthur not ringing a bell? (You're not alone.) But we do dig this name for a boy -- it's both energetic and playful.

Delano: "Franklin Roosevelt" may not sound compelling, but Delano's a name that brings the confidence.

Ford: A good, conservative choice, just like its namesake, #38.

Grover: You gotta love a president whose dying words were, "I have tried so hard to do right." Grover Cleveland was so beloved, he served two non-consecutive terms as POTUS. But we just like his super-cute, Muppet-y in a good way, name.

Herbert: George H. Walker Bush's first middle name comes from Old English and means "bright army."

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Knox: John Polk might not be a household name, but his middle name could be! (See what we did there?) It's got dash to spare. Brad and Angelina think so, too.

McKinley: President McKinley set the gold standard -- literally. Because of him, only gold, not silver, can be exchanged for paper money. So it's fitting, then, that this is such a rich name for a boy.

Monroe: Stately and solid, just like James Monroe, President #5 and the last president who was also a Founding Father.

Pierce: Okay, so maybe Franklin Pierce is remembered as being one of the country's worst presidents ever. But! His last name is aces for a little boy.

Quincy: A surprisingly cuddly middle name for a president (a la John Quincy Adams), we think it's a primary choice for a baby boy.

Simpson: That initial "S" in Ulysses Grant's name stands for Simpson, which manages to be both handsome and in charge.

Taft: William Howard Taft served as both US President and Chief Justice, so it's fitting that this name is so robust. We find it completely charming.

Truman: A smart, solid name that has to kind of grow on you, just like its namesake, Harry S.

Walker: Fewer boys' names connote such a sense of casual easygoingness. Thank you, #43!

Wilson: Wilson was Ronald Reagan's middle name (and also his mother's). But regardless of back story, it's friendly and accessible.

Zachary: For traditionalists out there, we give you ... Zachary. President Taylor's nickname was "Old Rough and Ready," but we think you can skip that part.

Which presidential name for a boy do you like the least?


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