10 Strange Tricks Women Use to Get Pregnant

Judy Dutton | Jan 8, 2015 Pregnancy

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Getting pregnant isn't always easy -- so for women who are willing to try some more out-there ways to increase the odds, hope may lie in the burgeoning online market of products that claim to increase fertility, from herbal teas to candles and beyond. Only do they work? Well, some of these tactics may boil down to the beliefs of the beholder, and you should never underestimate the powers of positive thinking. So whether you're looking for some good luck on the fertility front or just want to marvel at all the help that's out there, check out these supposed fertility boosters below.

Wouldn't you be mortified if someone saw #5 in your home?


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  • Fertility Ring


    This silver fertility ring ($15, Etsy) has a spell on it that's been "triple cast" for maximum potency, and "fully charged in the moonlight," whatever that means. Plus, it maintains its powers even after you get pregnant, so you can supposedly use it to shoot for siblings.

  • Fertility Amulet for Twins


    Want twins? There's jewelry you can wear for that too, like this fertility amulet ($99, Etsy). It's made of moonstone, the "divine feminine stone," which the caster claims can help balance hormones and alleviate fluid retention.

  • Fertility Tea


    FertiliTea ($16.95, Amazon) isn't just voodoo and spells; it was actually designed by a fertility expert and contains ingredients that have been scientifically proven to boost fertility -- like green tea, red raspberry, and chasteberry (which is a strange name for a baby-making berry, but we won't argue with science). Plus, the reviews -- "one month and BAM pregnant"; "three women pregnant off two bags of tea!" -- sound like this beverage's got something going for it.

  • Fertility Candle


    Does lighting a candle set the mood for a romantic evening? Then you may as well try a Fertile Flame candle ($7.99, Amazon). The scent of chamomile, jasmine, and ylang ylang will purportedly boost your baby-making mojo; one reviewer claimed she gave it as a gift to a friend who got pregnant twice in four years. Not bad.

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  • Fertility Candle


    This phallus-shaped fertility candle ($5.34, Amazon) leaves nothing to the imagination. But if you need some, um, firm inspiration to reach your baby goal, this may do the trick. Just be sure to hide it when company's over. 

  • Fertility Stones


    These egg-shaped fertility stones ($7 apiece, Etsy) are called "Shiva Linghams," and they're allegedly gathered from a sacred river in India and revered by Hindus for their ability to re-energize your "base chakra." Translation: It gets those below-the-belt areas humming and primed for babies.

  • Fertility Gems


    Inside this deer-leather pouch are some "reiki-charged" fertility gems ($17.95, eBay) like bloodstone (detoxes the reproductive system) and tiger's eye (stimulates the nether regions). Put it under your pillow or in your purse or pocket to allegedly bring your baby-making energy to a boil.

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  • Fertility Herbs


    Hey, herbs do carry medicinal powers, so it's no surprise that someone got the bright idea of drying some, mixing them together, and saying voila -- fertility herbs ($9.99, Etsy). Just sprinkle into your bath or keep satchels of it in drawers so every sock run gives you a whiff of baby juju.

  • Fertility Oil


    This fertility oil ($5.25, Etsy) was blended and brewed Pagan-style, and can be used to anoint candles or as perfume before you jump between the sheets and get busy.

  • Fertility Spell


    If you're a DIY kinda gal who wants to cast your own fertility spell, then look no further than this book, which you can download right onto your Kindle ($8.88, Amazon). Granted, it's an "Advanced Master Level Spell" not easily cast by a beginner, but the author states that "practice, sincerity, and faith" are all you need to stir up some baby-friendly vibes.

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