20 Gorgeous Italian Names for Baby Girls


Italian names for girls are inherently bellissima. But there are more to choose from than the well-known Bella, Lucia, and Sofia. (Thanks, Disney, for helping out with that last one.) Read on for our list of gorgeous but perhaps not quite as well-known Italian-inspired names for your baby girl.


Aida: Traditionally, this romantic name is pronounced with three syllables -- "A-EE-da" -- but more parents are treating it like a shorter version of "Aidan," which we think is charming.

Alessandra: The Italian version of "Alexandra" is dreamy and romantic without being too girly.

Allegra: A cheerful, lively name that, fittingly enough, means "happy." Traditionalists will appreciate having "Leah" or "Allie" as nickname choices.

Antoinetta: Think Antoinette's too, well, French Revolutionary? Then try the impish Antoinetta.

Capri: Yes, just like the island. (And the short pants.) This name both surprises and charms.

Como: Considering how big a deal George Clooney's wedding near Lake Como was, we predict an enormous popularity surge with this adorable name.

Concetta: Concetta, a name with old-world elegance, hit its peak in 1920. It's due for a resurgence. Try "Etta" or "Noni" for short.

Elena: Meaning "light" or "light bearer," Elena is a bright choice for a baby girl.

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Emilia: Like the name "Emily" but already know a dozen girls with the uber-popular namesake? The Italian version offers a comely alternative.

Franca: Who knew the female version of "Frank" would be so lyrical?

Gemma: A jewel of a name, Gemma actually means "precious stone."

Giorgia: The female equivalent of "George," Giorgia is both sporty and striking.

Giovanna: A strong, Old World name you can update with the effervescent "Gigi."

Gisella: Girls grow into this willowy name, if supermodel Gisele Bundchen is any indication.

Liliana: The traditional "Lily" blooms with two extra syllables.

Margherita: Sweeping and romantic, Margherita actually means "daisy" in Italian.

Marcella: A graceful, understated name, punched up by using "Zella" for short.

Paola: Although it means "small," Paola is a powerful choice for a girl -- pretty without being precious.

Siena: Just like its namesake, the gorgeous Tuscany town revered for its light, Siena (or "Sienna") is a striking choice.

Valentina: Both sweet and strong, you can't go wrong with this Italian "Valentine."

Which of these names is your favorite?

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