20 Unforgettable Italian Names for a Baby Boy

Ah, Italia. Home of the Sistine Chapel, the Vatican, and the Ruins of Pompeii, not to mention the birthplace of pizza. Every year, hundreds -- if not thousands -- flock to Bel Paese (the beautiful country) for their honeymoons. So when a new baby's on the way, why not gift him a name that evokes Italy's old-world romanticism?

Here, we've compiled some of the best Italian names for baby boys. Read on to see if one's the right fit for your bambino.


Aldo: Meaning "old" or "noble," this name comes with built-in worldly wisdom.

Armino: If you like "Armani" but think it's just for fashionistas, try "Armino" -- a strong, athletic name that means "warrior."

Arturo: Looking for an elegant, old-world moniker? We suggest "Arturo," which means "noble."

Benito: Although it means "blessed," there's a sweet, impish edge to this name.

Carlo: Carlo's popularity extends far beyond Italy. It was also the name of four kings of Spain.

Ciro: Not sure you want to saddle your kiddo with "Cyrus?" Try the more playful Italian version, pronounced "CHEE-ro."

Davide: The Italian version of "David," just more dashing.

Dino: Pronounced "DEE-no" -- not "Dih-no," like in "dinosaur" -- this name has energy to spare.

Francesco: People usually love or hate the name "Francis," but its Italian counterpart has unmistakable strength.

Gabriele: A name with a dreamy, poetic feel, plus "Gabe" makes for an awesome everyday nickname.

Georgino: We love this slightly mischievous upgrade of the far more traditional "George."

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Lorenzo: The easiest name to grow into! Lorenzo can be pared down to Lo, Lore, Renzo, Zo -- and each one has an equal amount of cool factor.

Leonardo: De Vinci or Di Caprio, Leonardos seem to be born with talent. No wonder it's still one of the most popular boy names in Italy.

Luca: From the root "lux," which means "light," Luca's a bright choice for a boy.

Matteo: A crisp -- dare we say, dapper? -- version of Matthew. We can see George Clooney naming his son this. Try "Teo" for short.

Paolo: Technically, it means "small," but we think Paolo has enormous potential.

Pietro: Yes, you could call your son Peter, but Pietro has charm to spare.

Sandro: You really can't go wrong with a name that means "helper of mankind." (And you can remind him of that when he's a teenager and won't take out the trash!)

Tuomo: Although the meaning of Tuomo is "a twin," it's full of individuality.

Vincenzo: Vincent can be a tricky name for even the cutest baby to pull off, but Vincenzo -- which means "conquering" -- has a rich, confident feel.

Which of these names would you call your son?

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