20 Strong Military Baby Names for Little Girls

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Princess-y names like Belle and Elsa will never lose their popularity, but they do have some new challengers. More parents these days are choosing stronger (but equally sweet!) names for their daughters, many of which are inspired by the military.


Whether you or a loved one serve our country, or you just want to ensure your daughter grows up with a stalwart name, check out our list for awesome baby girl names with influences from our armed services.

Armee: "Army" might be too in-your-face for some parents, but switch up the spelling and you'll find a super-cute, energetic hybrid of Aimee.

Benning: Naming your daughter after an Army base? Totally okay when it's as bright and cute as "Benning."

Cadence: Cadence refers to a rhythmic keeping in step. (Appropriate for parents.) For something a little different, try the popular "Kadence."

Carson: This fetching German name will have plenty of meaning for troops stationed at Fort Carson in Colorado.

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Delta: Charming and sweet? Check. But Delta is also the fourth letter of the military alphabet, not to mention a formation maneuver when aircraft fly in a "V." 

Echo: A few decades ago, Echo might have been considered hippy-dippy. Now, it's got a cool ring to it.

Heidi: No, not like the little girl in the mountains. (Although she's not bad either.) This is short for Heidelberg, Germany, the headquarters of American forces in Europe.

Honor: Like other "virtue names" such as Hope and Grace, Honor is both romantic and reasonable. Jessica Alba agrees; it's the name of her eldest daughter. 

Hopper: "Amazing Grace" Murray Hopper was a beloved rear admiral and computer scientist (who coined the phrase "debugging"). Obscure trivia aside, we love this smart, sassy name for a girl.

India: "I" in the military alphabet, India makes a lovely, surprisingly delicate name. No wonder it keeps rising in popularity.

Justice: More than 1 million babies were bestowed this name in 2012 alone. And for good reason: not only is it a sharper, more modern take on "Justine," but it's derived from the Latin word for "fairness."

Liberty: Historically, Liberty, or Libertine, usually peaks as a name after a major military event, be it World War I or 9/11. We think it's a heartfelt reminder of what military service members fight for. 

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March: Not just a month! "March" connotes the act of going forward. As a name, it's playful and energetic.

Marine: Too obvious? You can always put it on her birth certificate and call her "Mari" for short.

Navy: A solid choice that even non-military parents are choosing, we've also seen it spelled "Navey."

Rebel: This name is all kinds of gutsy, confident fun -- think actress/comedienne Rebel Wilson. 

Reveille: In the military, "reveille" means a bugle call, but it's equally melodic as a first name.  

Sailor: Christie Brinkley's daughter is Sailor Lee, but we also dig it spelled "Saylor."

Savannah: From the Spanish word for "treeless plain," Savannah, Georgia, is also close to Fort Stewart, the largest US Army base east of the Mississippi. 

Shenandoah: This Native American name means "daughter of the stars" and is also the name of a Navy airship.

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