The Most Common Baby Name in America Revealed

pregnant woman baby namesLet's face it: even if you are a traditionalist when it comes to baby naming, you don't want your kid having to sit through school with five other boys or girls who have the same name. You want your baby to be special! Unique! And maybe this will help: the most common names in the entire United States have been identified by researchers at FiveThirtyEight.


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Using Census data, info from the Social Security Administration, and a whole bunch of other data, they say they have narrowed it down to three names -- all of them male. Why not girls? The researchers said, "The distribution of female names tends to be more diffuse (or, to use less statistical jargon, parents tend to be more imaginative when they name their baby girls)."

High-five to all you girl moms out there for that one!

As for moms and dads expecting little boys, click here to find out the most common names in America ... so your little guy doesn't end up one of them. 

How common is your child's name?


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