21 Beautiful but Forgotten Victorian Baby Names

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Modern parents in search of perfect names today are going for the sought-after "it" names from the Victorian era (think Ella and Grace). But there were a lot of gorgeous and unique names from the late 1800s that you probably haven't thought about ... yet! We found 21 beautiful Victorian baby names that we know you're going to find appealing. Trust us!


At the time, cross-the-pond trends were common. England was peaceful during Queen Victoria's reign ... a name which spawned an entire era! Meanwhile, America was busy establishing its democracy during a bloody civil war. Americans borrowed elaborate fashions from England as well as now-classic literature by Dickens, Thackeray, and the Brontë sisters. Pioneers and prospectors were moving west in search of fortune, while average people were just trying to eat.

The feminine names of America during this time weren't tough like the times; they were sweet, even frilly. Popular male names were often inspired by religious beliefs or family names and trades. What we think of as quintessential Victorian names like Owen, Ella, Grace, and Isaac have been devoured by today's parents looking for appealing vintage sounds.

But what Victorian names are still flying under the modern-day radar? This list includes tasteful antiques that just might make an appearance on your list of favorites soon.


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