11 Clever Diaper 'Cakes' for a Baby Shower

Judy Dutton | Nov 18, 2014 Pregnancy

diaper cake wreathMoms need diapers -- LOTS of them. Yet showing up at a baby shower with a box of diapers, while practical, kinda lacks panache. Show up with a diaper cake, however, and you'll be the talk of the shower!

For the uninitiated, this isn't a cake you eat, but a cake -- or wreath, or bear, or any shape really -- made out of diapers cleverly held together with rubber bands, safety pins, and other means. When they're done right, they look dang impressive. In case you'd like to try your hand at creating one yourself, here are some ideas (plus instructions) for a baby shower gift that will inspire oohs and ahhs AND come in handy soon enough.

Cute diaper cakes for a baby shower

#8 would be so cute for the holidays!


Image via C'mon, Get Crafty

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