Incredible C-Section Photos Show Beauty of Every Type of Childbirth​

Suzee Skwiot | Nov 7, 2014 Pregnancy
Incredible C-Section Photos Show Beauty of Every Type of Childbirth​

c section delivery jessica benderWhen photographer Jessica Bender's friend, Carly Bird, gave birth to her first child, it was via emergency C-section after four very long days of labor. So when it came time to deliver her second child, Carly was far more ready. She had chosen a date, prepared herself, and everything seemed to be going smoothly. That was until her husband had to have emergency surgery the day of the scheduled C-section. But that's when Jessica got the call.

This time around, the British Columbia-based photographer would be in the room with her friend and with a camera in-hand. And as baby Elias was born, Jessica snapped away, showing us all just how beautiful C-section births can be.

Yes, beautiful.

It's not a word that's often used to describe C-sections, which tend to increase anxiety in expecting women. In fact, in a 2014 study completed by the Taipei Medical University, women who had chosen to undergo a C-section were more likely to be fearful of the procedure, have less confidence before the birth, and lose sleep in anticipation.

But if a C-section is on the agenda, women don't have to be afraid. With medical developments, C-sections are safe for both mom and baby, and Jessica Bender wants to show moms ... they can be beautiful.

Take a look below at some of Jessica's best shots throughout the delivery.

Picture 10 will bring tears to your eyes! Which one is your favorite?


Image via Jessica Bender Photography


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