31 Creepy Baby Shower Cakes for Girls

Judy Dutton | May 1, 2018 Pregnancy

man baby shower cake

A baby girl is on the way! What better way to celebrate (and satisfy those sweets cravings) than with a lovely "It's a Girl" baby shower cake? Well, consider yourself warned: not every baby shower cakes gives off a sweet baby vibe. Nope, sometimes the cake celebrating a new baby girl ends up sad, or creepy, or a ginormous, colossal failure of epic proportions ... 

It seems simple enough. You bake a nice white sheet cake, smear it in pink frosting (or any other color; we're not traditional in that sense!), pipe on some pretty rosettes, and finish up by adding a beautiful script message to the top. A sweet, not too wordy tribute to baby that will bring a tear to Mom-to-be's eye. Easy peasy, right? Baby girl shower cakes should be sugar and spice and everything nice. How can it go wrong? 

Well, as we were looking for ideas around the interwebs, we realized pretty quickly that cakes celebrating a baby girl on the way can definitely fall off the deep end.   

As proof, take a gander at these 31 confections gone horribly wrong. You'll gasp, you'll laugh, and you'll learn that the world of cakes can become an awfully dark place with a tube of brown frosting, doll parts, or a little too much imagination.

  • Peek-a-Boo!


    Trying to appreciate the artistry and effort put in here, but we just don't want to look inside the baby shower cake and see a live looking baby in utero. What is it floating in?!! {{{Gag}}}

  • Mudflap Mama?


    Is this baby shower party for truckers? Because that pregnant silhouette looks a lot like a mudflap girl -- the kind you'd see gracing the backs of truck tires. And that's weird.

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  • Blowout


    At first glance you might think, What's that mess in the middle of this cake? Then you read the message and all is clear: it's a diaper, complete with pee stains and a huge wad of poop (and clearly baby dined on peas). And, um, we just lost our appetite for cake.

  • It's a What?!


    Word to the wise: whoever writes the message on your baby shower cake should know how to spell.

  • Bumping Uglies ... 


    This is a gorgeously executed baby shower cake, but the crude "Congratulations on making a human with your genitals" message leaves a little to be desired. But then again ... "I get the piece with the genitals!"

  • Sweaty Baby


    This baby shower cake obviously took some serious concepting and talent. Unfortunately, the end product is quite creepy. And sweaty. And we're scared.

  • Just Like Daddy


    This completely horrifying "man baby" cake comes with this caption: I surprised my sister with this baby shower cake today. She looks just like daddy! 

  • Why a Lobster?


    Putting this pinchy crustacean near a baby's bottom seems like a recipe for disaster. But then again, putting a baby's bottom on a shower cake ... 

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  • Congrautions?


    Congrautions? Did they mean caution? Contraction? Congratulations? All of the above?

  • Nobody Puts Baby in a Box


    Why is that baby slammed inside this box? It looks really uncomfortable. And that makes us uncomfortable.

  • Yikes!


    This baby looks like she could kick our butts.

  • Jarring


    Why a Mason jar baby shower cake? Why? Are we missing the pickle joke? We don't get it. 

  • Placenta Anyone?


    We were so horrified thinking that someone at the baby shower would have to cut into that frosting-ified newborn that we almost missed the ... the black forest placenta side cake! 

  • Poor Nicole ...


    We don't think Nicole needed "push" pep talk on her baby shower cake. We also don't think she needed to imagine her baby popping out like a champagne cork, either.

  • Plastic Dolls Are Creepy


    Their glassy, empty eyes just give us the heebie jeebies.

  • Even Creepier


    Even worse than a whole plastic baby doll sleeping on a cake is just a slice of a baby doll's face. Where's the rest of her?

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  • What's Baby Sleeping On?


    A bulbous blob! Because they are just so comfortable.

  • C-section, Anyone?


    Don't you think slicing open a pregnant belly at the baby shower might give the mom-to-be the willies?

  • Is This a Baby Shower or a Funeral?


    This cross suggests the latter. Can't you almost hear eerie organ music in the background?

  • Bug Off


    Part cake, part ladybug, part scary, ashen-faced baby. Weird.

  • Baby Kicks, Baby Scores


    Baby feet can't do that from inside a mom's belly. Can they?

  • Cowgirl Mama


    Based on the horseshoe belt and the pink cowboy hat, we think this is a cowgirl baby bump cake. With more of those fetus feet pressing out. 

  • Sonogram Sweets


    3D ultrasound photos are amazingly cool, but they just don't show babies in the most flattering light. They look like aquatic aliens ... even on a cake.

  • MILF Cake


    There's a lot going on here, from the 3D ultrasound "tummy window" and the projectile fetus foot to the sexy, untied Playboy bunny bikini top. Where do we begin? 

  • Darth Vader Returns


    We don't care if the parents are huge Star Wars fans; Darth Vader is still not the guy you want looming over your baby girl, intoning, "I am your father ..."

  • Dismembered Doll


    Let's hack a doll into pieces, then put her back together with a cake as a body! Yeah, great idea.

  • Slice of Baby Butt, Anyone?


    What's with babies' butts on cakes? Do they just seem super yummy? Is the rest of baby burrowed inside the cake? So many questions, so few answers.

  • Baby on the BBQ?


    And those huge lips and feet! Beer bottles? And why is there a Bonsai tree off to the side? This has to be an inside joke. 

  • Red Velvet Vagina, Anyone?


    Why not celebrate the passage through which many a baby will arrive? With vagina cupcakes? Gotta respect how each version of genitalia is unique, kinda like snowflakes. But it's a bit much for a baby shower.

  • Oops ...


    Looks like someone made a baby shower cake typo ... and had a hard time covering it up. Hey, at least they tried!

  • Ouch!


    Aw look, baby was so excited to get out, she punched and kicked holes through mom's belly! And mom wore pearls for the occasion.

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