31 Creepy Baby Shower Cakes for Girls

man baby shower cake

A baby girl is on the way! What better way to celebrate (and satisfy those sweets cravings) than with a lovely "It's a Girl" baby shower cake? Well, consider yourself warned: not every baby shower cakes gives off a sweet baby vibe. Nope, sometimes the cake celebrating a new baby girl ends up sad, or creepy, or a ginormous, colossal failure of epic proportions ... 

It seems simple enough. You bake a nice white sheet cake, smear it in pink frosting (or any other color; we're not traditional in that sense!), pipe on some pretty rosettes, and finish up by adding a beautiful script message to the top. A sweet, not too wordy tribute to baby that will bring a tear to Mom-to-be's eye. Easy peasy, right? Baby girl shower cakes should be sugar and spice and everything nice. How can it go wrong? 

Well, as we were looking for ideas around the interwebs, we realized pretty quickly that cakes celebrating a baby girl on the way can definitely fall off the deep end.   

As proof, take a gander at these 31 confections gone horribly wrong. You'll gasp, you'll laugh, and you'll learn that the world of cakes can become an awfully dark place with a tube of brown frosting, doll parts, or a little too much imagination.

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