29 Weird & Creepy Baby Shower Cakes for Boys

Judy Dutton | Apr 1, 2018 Pregnancy
29 Weird & Creepy Baby Shower Cakes for Boys
Image: Cake Wrecks

realistic newborn baby shower cake
Cake Wrecks

Is there a new baby boy on the way? Time to celebrate! And one fun way to do that is with a memorable baby shower cake. There are so many cake ideas beyond the plain old white sheet cake with blue piping nowadays. Have some fun getting creative or perusing Pinterest for an amazing idea that the bakery can replicate. BUT ... before looking around, take a peek at this roundup of baby shower cake fails -- and take note of all the creepy cakes not to serve the guests. 

Clearly, many people out there feel the need to make baby shower cakes a little too memorable, and not always in the way they intend. In turn, we get cakes that are creepy, sad, inappropriate, or just all out disasters. Seriously! Anyone who thinks childbirth itself belongs on a baby shower cake should probably just step awake from the flour and sugar now. 

Other things that don't belong on a baby shower cake? Blood, forceps, poop (even if it's really chocolate), placentas, or disembodied pregnant torsos. Sorry, we had to go there, but this lineup of cakes will make it crystal clear why it was necessary. 

For anyone who wants to laugh, cringe, or just know what NOT to do with a baby shower cake if you're giving birth to a boy (or like EVER), check out these photos of the most bizarre baby shower cakes no one ever asked for! 

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