Stocking Stuffers, Pregnancy: Preggie Pops & Tot Tag Diaper Bag Checklist

Stocking Stuffers all week! And all under ten bucks. Yesterday, I featured a cute scoopneck tee and thank you notes. Here's what's up today for you, or the preggo on your X-mas list.

Preggie Pops

Why I Love It: Many mamas-to-be find that sucking on hard candy -- sweet or sour, and this pack of seven lollies comes in a variety of flavors -- helps with morning sickness. I know they helped me -- and they give the mom a little kick of something sweet, too.

Get It: BellyGifts, $4


Tot Tag Diaper Bag Checklist

Why I Love It: Preparing to leave the house with a new baby (and the tons of stuff you need to take with you) can be overwhelming for a new mama. This cute, colorful diaper bag checklist (on the reverse side of the tag) is a handy visual reference for all of the on-the-go baby essentials.

Get It: Braelyn Bounty Bug, $3

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