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When I was growing up, we had a Great Dane with a great name. The dog was long gone by the time I got pregnant, so my husband and I came to the mutual decision that we shouldn’t discount a name we both loved just because it once belonged to an animal. After all, I loved the dog. Just as I love my daughter, Molly.


We also loved the name Max. My husband had a cat in college named Max, but that was short for Maxine and Maxine was a girl. So there wasn’t the same moral dilemma about naming our son Max. Still, when one friend pointed out that both our kids’ names were listed among the most popular names for dogs, we just smiled and didn’t mention the Great Dane -- or the black cat.

Max was still proudly parading around in Huggies when I got pregnant with my third and started thinking about names.

Out of the blue we came up with a name, proving that we didn’t intentionally name our kids after our past (or passed, as the case may be) pets. We just happened to like the names. Otherwise, we would have named our final child Ludwig or Moose or Pongo. Instead we named him Leo.

Baby names are important. What we as parents choose will remain with our children for the rest of their lives. And so we spend countless hours worrying about which name works and which doesn’t, who might be offended and who will be thrilled, where the name came from and what the name means.

But somehow, we always end up picking the right name. Inevitably babies take on the personality of whatever we call them, whether it’s a Max, a Molly, a Leo, or an Apple, a Blue Ivy, or a North. It never takes long for them to become their name, leaving us parents certain we made the right decision and unable to imagine calling them anything else.

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How did you choose your baby’s name?

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