What Really Happens to a Baby in the First Hour of Life (PHOTOS)

Judy Dutton | Oct 23, 2014 Pregnancy

newborn and mother

You've given birth! You're exhausted, elated, in love. Your newborn, however, is experiencing something quite different. They might be brand new, but it turns out there's a lot going on for a baby in the first hour or so after being born.

Swedish researchers videotaped 28 infants during their first hour (and change) after birth and found that, if left to their own devices (meaning placed skin-to-skin on the mother's chest), infants go through predictable "stages" within certain time frames -- and that each stage serves a purpose.

Are you ready for an up-close, unforgettable glimpse of what baby's up to during his first hour on Earth? Let's dive in!

Whoa, minute 36 is amazing! Who knew newborns could do that?

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Image © iStock.com/Camrocker