The Most Popular Baby Names By Alphabet

"A, my name is Alice and my boyfriend's name is Andy ..."

Not anymore, folks. Today's A's are most likely to be Ava and Alexander. Can you guess the most popular girls' and boys' names starting with the other 25 letters of the alphabet?

The answers are below, along with each name's current popularity ranking. But before you peek, try guessing -- or better yet, make a game of it at lunchtime with your office mates or at a baby shower. I guessed some of the names immediately, kicked myself for missing others, and a few caught me totally by surprise.


popular names a to z

A     Ava 5     Alexander 8
B   Brooklyn 28     Benjamin 14
C   Charlotte 11     Christopher 26
D   Delilah 135     Daniel 10
E   Emma 2     Ethan 6
F   Faith 89     Francisco 218
G   Grace 22     Gabriel 24
H   Harper 16     Hunter 26
I   Isabella 4     Isaac 29
J   Julia 75     Jacob 3
K   Kaylee 41     Kevin 72
L   Lillian 26     Liam 2
M   Mia 6     Mason 4
N   Natalie 21     Noah 1
O   Olivia 3     Owen 38
P   Peyton 51     Parker 74
Q   Quinn 118     Quinn 356
R   Riley 45     Ryan 30
S   Sophia 1     Samuel 25
T   Taylor 59     Thomas 61
U   Unique 1,520     Uriel 482
V   Victoria 25     Vincent 101
W   Willow 155     William 5
X   Ximena 162     Xavier 83
Y   Yaretzi 304     Yahir 480
Z   Zoey 24     Zachary


Would you choose one of these popular names?

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