20 Roaring '20s Names Making a Comeback

Back then, booze was taboo, flappers flocked the dance floors, Model Ts ruled the roads, women won the vote, and gangsters were up to no good. Welcome to the Roaring '20s! There are so many things this spirited decade in American history gave us. To this day, we're crazy for jazz age music, sleek bobs, Chanel No. 5, even crossword puzzles. And now, along with debonair mustaches and cloche hats, we're becoming newly enamored with the names that flappers and their fellas wore proudly in that era.


20 names from the 20sParents of these "wild ones" must have had a little foresight when they chose names that included zippy letters like x, v, and z; they sound a little sassy and, well, ready to Charleston!

Some of these jazzy names are short and sweet and come complete with no-frills nickname like Jo. Others are inspired by flowers or lore from the careers of silent film stars and jazz artists who came before, but they're all ready to roar once again.


Would you use a classic '20s baby name?

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