13 Wackiest Things Pregnant Women Have Told Their OB/GYNs

Most OB/GYNs have seen -- and heard -- it all. They not only know plenty about pregnancy, but serve as a sounding board for all their pregnant patients' questions and concerns. And it turns out moms-to-be have a LOT of things to get off their chest, each one stranger than the next!

Curious what goes on inside their offices, we asked some docs to spill the beans on the weirdest questions they've fielded and misconceptions they've had to correct. You won't believe what moms-to-be have said.


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  1. "One mom told me, 'I'm carrying twins, but one ate the other.' This patient had Vanishing Twin Syndrome: an ultrasound in her first trimester revealed two gestational sacs, so she was told she was carrying twins. But when another sonogram was performed just a few weeks later, only one viable pregnancy was noted. The other had vanished. Essentially, she had miscarried one of the twins, which the mother's body had absorbed. But it's not because one twin 'ate' the other!"
  2. "One question I commonly get from pregnant women is this: 'If I lift my arms over my head, will I strangle the baby with its umbilical cord?'"
  3. "I had one woman tell me if you go out during an eclipse, the baby would have cleft lip or palate."
  4. "One mom told me it's dangerous to step over an electrical cord when you're pregnant. Totally not true!" 
  5. "One patient asked me, 'Can the baby touch my lungs? Is that why breathing is so hard?'"

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  6. "One time I got a call from a pregnant mom at 3 a.m. She said, 'I'm worried about some cheese I ate in a casserole at lunch. Should I make myself throw it up?'"
  7. "One mom told me 'my baby is going to smother because the placenta is covering my mouth of my womb.' I had to explain to the expectant mother that the baby doesn't breathe through the mouth of her womb, but that oxygen is carried to the baby through the placenta."
  8. "A patient told me she took seven pregnancy tests in a day and lined them up to see if the results looked 'darker' as the day went on."
  9. "I've heard pregnant women say that if you bend over or touch your toes, you will squish your baby."
  10. "A doctor and his wife asked me if something other than pregnancy would cause a positive pregnancy test -- like a fibroid. They had three children, weren't prepared for another, and were wondering how it was possible. And this was a doctor!"
  11. "Patients have asked 'Will the baby get crushed if I sleep on my tummy?'"
  12. "Pregnant patients often ask, 'Will the penis hurt the baby's head during sex?'"
  13. "The best thing I heard last week from a pregnant patient of mine who is approaching full term was: 'No one ever tells you being a mom can at times REALLY suck!' We both had a barrel of laughs over this one, because women need to know that they aren't alone and that it's okay to say that sometimes being a mom sucks. Because at times, it does!"

What's the craziest thought you had during pregnancy? Did you tell your doctor?


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