Attachment Parenting: What Is it Anyway?

Me wearing Magnolia

I looooved wearing my babies in a sling -- I found the hands-free thing super-convenient and, for me, they were easier to get on and off than other baby carriers. In those early weeks, the physical closeness helps with bonding, too -- a part of the "attachment" idea. I wouldn't say I was officially into attachment parenting or officially not, but here are the basic principles.


And it's definitely one of those phrases you hear a lot -- one of those "parenting philosophies." My philosophy is pretty much just to try hard to do a good job -- but I will say, wearing the kids was pretty cool! There are several groups related to attachment parenting on CafeMom -- as most of you guys already know, you need to join a group before you can join in the discussion. But this is a great way to ask questions and get more info to see if something feels right to you.

So about baby-wearing -- what do you think? Will you use a sling? Or did you?

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