Attachment Parenting: What Is it Anyway?


Me wearing Magnolia

I looooved wearing my babies in a sling -- I found the hands-free thing super-convenient and, for me, they were easier to get on and off than other baby carriers. In those early weeks, the physical closeness helps with bonding, too -- a part of the "attachment" idea. I wouldn't say I was officially into attachment parenting or officially not, but here are the basic principles.

And it's definitely one of those phrases you hear a lot -- one of those "parenting philosophies." My philosophy is pretty much just to try hard to do a good job -- but I will say, wearing the kids was pretty cool! There are several groups related to attachment parenting on CafeMom -- as most of you guys already know, you need to join a group before you can join in the discussion. But this is a great way to ask questions and get more info to see if something feels right to you.

So about baby-wearing -- what do you think? Will you use a sling? Or did you?

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Toddl... ToddlerBrain82

I believe 100% in babywearing! Thank you for this article! I am a big AP supporter but I didn't realize until I joined CM that I was an AP mama. I didn't wear my son in a sling, but when he was 6 months old my mom got me a Moby wrap which was WONDERFUL. I highly recommend it. I could wear him easily until he was a toddler. I look forward to wearing our next child right from the beginning. It's such a simple way to foster a great attachment and bond between mom and baby.

MDMom... MDMomof2Cuties

I wore both of my boys in a front carrier when they were babies.  THough it was more b/c it was convenient than b/c I was into attachment parenting.  But I loved having them with me all the time, I couldn't stand to put them down!  :)  I did try a sling with both of them and neither of them liked it.  I plan on getting a different sling for the next baby and trying again.

litst... litstargazer

I am a total believer in AP parenting- I wore both my babies, co-slept and BF'd them both and they are great, smart well-balenced loving children!

Lynette Lynette

I had a baby bijorn to carry both of my older boys.  Now I am PG with #3 and I'm planning to buy a Moby wrap and maybe a hotsling.  Love wearing my babies!

catho... catholicmamamia

Owner of an AP Group and AP Instructor here!

AP..Attachment parenting from the heart! Many of us were "AP" long before we knew someone (Dr William Sears) coined the term to what we were doing..natural parenting! Breastfeeding, snuggling/babywearing, co-sleeping..just feels so natural and loving!

Cafe... Cafe Melisa

Thanks for joining in -- so great having all of these voices and perspectives!

doulala doulala

I love baby-wearing!  I have worn my children from birth through... well-- still!   The first-grader, rarely, but the 3.5 year-old is still occasionally worn when I am working.  It's great!

Also, I follow the AP philosophies to extend nurse (on-demand, and co-sleep, etc., pretty much the things our anscestors have done because they are naturally the healthiest route.   Unfortunately, I think that the "modern Western world" is pretty removed from all that good stuff.   Just a  little AP takes a kid (and family) a long way.  ;-)

nonmember avatar Emily Foshee

Attachment problems occur when regular nurturing doesn't happen.

I adopted my daughter from Russia when she was 18 months old. She was extremely malnourished; and was labeled a "failure to thrive" baby.  I experienced what happens when a child has attachment issues. 

My daughter punched holes in walls, rocked back and forth constantly, stole money from me and my friends, stole items from stores, and killed small family pets.  

This is my simplistic explanation to attachment parenting:  nurturing your infant helps his brain develop:  the neurons in his brain are connecting, creating what I like to call "super highways" that his emotions travel on.  An emotionally healthy child's brain will have an extensive superhighway that your child's emotions will race down, effortlessly, at lightening speed, as if they were in the fastest sports car on the planet.

Kids with attachment issues don't have a superhighway. My daughter's emotions were dumped in a broken down cart, pulled by a donkey down a one lane, gravel road full of pot holes.  A very bumpy ride indeed.    

Neuro feedback is very helpful in re-training the repairs the highway, if you will. It saved my daughter. Find a good neuropsychlogist and take action.  Every child is worth saving.

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