7 Best Body Pillows for Pregnancy, According to Moms

It's dang hard to get comfortable when you're pregnant, particularly when you sleep. Sure, stuffing pillows under your belly, back, between your knees, or other places can help, but that's a lot of prep work -- and they never stay put. Enter body pillows, the all-in-one answer to ease discomfort by providing support in all the right places.

"Side-sleeping tends to be the safest position for pregnant women, but it can place stress on the pelvis and lower back due to the growing mass of the abdomen," says Jill Miller, a pain management specialist and creator of Yoga Tune Up. Body pillows solve these problems -- provided you pick the right one.


Best body pillows for pregnancy

"A fully supportive pregnancy pillow should fit in between the knees to minimize knee irritation and maximize space for the hip joints," advises Miller. "The pillow should then wind underneath the abdomen to minimize strain on the lower back, as the pull of the belly's nighttime compounded weight can cause backaches. Lastly, the extra long pillow permits the new mama to hug it between her arms to help keep her chest broad for easy breathing."

We asked moms about which pillows worked best for them. Check out what they say in the slideshow.

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