7 Best Body Pillows for Pregnancy, According to Moms

Judy Dutton | Oct 15, 2014 Pregnancy

It's dang hard to get comfortable when you're pregnant, particularly when you sleep. Sure, stuffing pillows under your belly, back, between your knees, or other places can help, but that's a lot of prep work -- and they never stay put. Enter body pillows, the all-in-one answer to ease discomfort by providing support in all the right places.

"Side-sleeping tends to be the safest position for pregnant women, but it can place stress on the pelvis and lower back due to the growing mass of the abdomen," says Jill Miller, a pain management specialist and creator of Yoga Tune Up. Body pillows solve these problems -- provided you pick the right one.

Best body pillows for pregnancy

"A fully supportive pregnancy pillow should fit in between the knees to minimize knee irritation and maximize space for the hip joints," advises Miller. "The pillow should then wind underneath the abdomen to minimize strain on the lower back, as the pull of the belly's nighttime compounded weight can cause backaches. Lastly, the extra long pillow permits the new mama to hug it between her arms to help keep her chest broad for easy breathing."

We asked moms about which pillows worked best for them. Check out what they say in the slideshow.

Wow, a pillow that smells like cherry pie? Sign us up!


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  • Head-to-Toe Support


    Image via Boppy

    The Boppy Slipcovered Body Pillow ($55, Boppy) supports not only your stomach and back, but your neck, head, knees, you name it. "When I was pregnant I had terrible back pain, and my husband felt so bad for me that he bought me the Boppy -- and I loved it," says one mom. "The thing I liked about this pillow was the support it gave for my growing belly. I was able to lie on my side and put the pillow under my belly, which helped with a lot of the pain I was having. I also liked that I was able to rest my head on the top part of the pillow, which was great for my neck. The removable, washable slipcover was great. 
I was not thrilled that some of the stuffing shifted, but I was able to move the stuffing around easily, and I did use the pillow for two pregnancies four years apart.

  • Back and Belly Booster


    Image via Amazon

    If your back and belly pain are intense, the Leachco Back 'n' Belly Pillow ($92, Amazon) could be a lifesaver. As one mom recalls, "I had sciatica during my first pregnancy and 
it provided a ton of relief. It's cozy, snuggly, and takes the pressure off 
in all the right places. My only complaint is that the washable cover is
 difficult to put on. Plus, it takes up a good portion of a queen-sized bed. Hence, my husband referred
 to it as the 'satanic pillow' since it meant we could no longer spoon while I
 was pregnant. Now that I'm no longer pregnant, I actually still sleep with it when he is out of town!"

  • The Most Popular Pregnancy Pillow


    Image via Amazon

    Leachco's Snoogle Total Body Pillow ($49.26, Amazon) is the top-selling maternity pillow on Amazon, and for good reason according to the many moms who raved about it to us! "I love it because I could kind of 'spoon' with it, wrap my whole body around it, and put it between my knees," says one mom. "It definitely made sleeping more comfortable and my husband jealous." Plus, adds another satisfied customer: "It wasn't too thick and unwieldy like a regular body pillow, and I was able to use it to support my head, belly, and legs comfortably."

  • A Pillow That Won't Hog the Bed


    Image via PishPoshBaby

    If you don't have room (or an easygoing husband) to accommodate some hulking body pillow in bed, the My Brest Friend 3-in-1 Body Pillow ($55.95 at PishPoshBaby) could be a smaller, less obtrusive choice. "My hubby loved the fact that it was more compact than other pillows so it took up less space in our bed," admits one mom. But it didn't sacrifice on comfort: "The pillow's versatile wrap-around shape really conformed to my body throughout the night; it felt like it was made just for me. Love the custom belly wedge! My head, belly, and knees all had amazing support."

  • Support While You Sit


    Image via Back Buddy

    When you're pregnant, even sitting can be painful ... which is why the Back Buddy Support Pillow ($39.99 at Back Buddy) has racked up numerous awards including the Mom's Choice Award, Family Choice Award, and thumbs up from real moms too. For instance: "This is by far one of the best gifts I received at my baby shower. I've had a history of having a bad back and being pregnant has only made that worse. This is the only thing I've ever found that supports my back well while I'm sitting in bed or on the couch! I always had to prop pillows to get comfortable and make sure my back was supported, but now I've exclusively been using the Back Buddy and it's been wonderful."

  • Heat Away Your Pregnancy Pain


    Image via Hot Cherry Pillow

    Stick a bunch of cherry pits in a denim case and what do you have? The Hot Cherry Pillow ($30-$55 depending on size, Hot Cherry Pillow), a heating pad that smells like cherry pie and can also help soothe the aches and pains of pregnancy. As one mom says: "During my pregnancy, I often had lower back pain. The first thing I’d do when I came home from work was to put the Hot Cherry Double Square pillow on my back. The weight and the moist heat penetrated deep into my strained muscles. What a relief! The pillow was also great for supporting my belly when laying on my side. The subtle scent of cherry pie is so appealing."

  • Convertible Comfort


    Image via Protect a Bed

    If you're a bit of a Goldilocks who needs her pillow to feel just right, go for the Luxury Adjustable Pillow ($99.99 at Protect a Bed), which allows you to add or remove filling so you can tailor your pillow to be firm or soft, comfy for side, back, and stomach sleeping. As one mom admits, "Being pregnant with twins, it has been very hard to get a good night's rest. However, since I have had a chance to sleep with this pillow, I've slept like a baby! I was able to adjust the pillow to the perfect firmness for myself and go right to sleep. I wish I would’ve had it a lot sooner."

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