10 Ways Moms Knew They Were Ready For Another Baby

Are you ready for another baby? Can you ever really know if it's the right time? Here's how 10 Scary Mommies knew they were ready to take the plunge...

  1. I sold the crib on Craig's List. Then I knew.
  2. I started REALLY missing my maternity jeans.
  3. Our family just felt incomplete -- wonderful, but like something was missing. 
  4. My toddler started stinking -- I needed the fresh baby smell back in the house! 
  5. I started buying onesies... just because.

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  6. When my maternity leave was over.
  7. When I put my three year old in pre-school... and was lonely and bored with him gone!
  8. I refused to get family photos taken because I was sure there was someone lacking.
  9. My daughter put down "baby brother or baby sister" on every wish list.
  10. When I had a positive pregnancy test.

How did you know you were ready for another baby?


Image via Scary Mommy

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