Ghost Captured on Police Station Camera Has Cops Shivering (VIDEO)

ghost police station

Whoooooooo likes a good ghost story? (See what I did there? Ha ha ha ha ha I'll be here all week, try the veal.) There's a video circulating from a New Mexico police station that's been sending tingles down people's spines, because the murky image caught on camera is reportedly a spirit from beyond the grave.


That's according to one of the police officers, anyway, who's convinced he saw a phantom-like figure walk across a fortified sally port area on Saturday morning. The spooky sighting is now preserved on video for us all to speculate over, so put on your best ghost-busting proton pack and take a look at the evidence.

The "encounter" reportedly happened on Saturday night at the Espanola station when surveillance cameras captured footage of a blurry whitish figure moving across a sally port, which is a controlled gate or passage entryway typically found at a fort, prison, or police building. Officer Karl Romero was watching the cameras when he saw something odd moving across the lot, right through the cages and gate.

Take a look -- the footage starts at :30:

Romero's convinced he's seeing a human figure in that footage as opposed to an insect or lighting artifact. I've watched the clip a few times and I do see how it looks like the vaguely defined shape of a person who walks across the lot ... but I'm a natural skeptic, which means I'm convinced there's some other explanation for it. A digital glitch with the footage? A hoax? (Although that would be a pretty lame use of the police officers' time.)

Espanola cops are pretty certain there's a supernatural cause for the footage, although they say as far as they know, the -- ha, I'm sorry, this part of the story is just kind of funny to me -- building is not on a burial ground and no inmates have ever died at the police station. Whew! But they do say they've been hearing strange noises at night and seeing unexplained images in the lobby area too, so either there really is something weird going on at their station or everyone's got a major case of the heebs.

As for Romero, he's a believer:

I do believe in ghosts -- I don’t know [what exactly was on the video], but we’ve had some unsolved murders in the area.

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